July 18, 2012

Should We Worship the Sun, or Should the Sun Worship Us?

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Imagine you are the Sun.

But, unlike the real Sun,
you are conscious and all-knowing.

Would you take infinite joy
in being the Sun?

Or would you envy human beings
down on earth
because they can walk around
and play music
And give birth
and laugh and love
and do yoga?

Should we worship the Sun,
or should the Sun worship us?


Because we and the Sun
are one and the same.
the same universal cosmic intelligence.
the same overwhelming wondrousness,
the same quantum physics roots,
the same cosmic dna.

Not to worship
but to mutually rejoice
in the kinship of our molecules
and the ineffable wonder
of the universe.


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Vaani Sunil Dec 10, 2012 2:35am

Really appreciative words

Tanya Lee Markul Jul 25, 2012 3:58am

I love this.

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