July 1, 2012

Transformation into the Golden Age with Kundalini Energy. ~ Sati Rose

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We as a species and as a global community are reaching a crescendo of light energy.

We are being pummeled daily by more and more light from our sun. It is said that we are entering a Golden Age and truly it seems that we are. We are in essence ‘evolving’ into something far different than we had ever imagined.

We are light beings, humans. We do not always have knowledge of what these new ways of being entail, we cannot see the future and yet, we all feel the mounting of something quite enormous taking shape.

Within all of this we are also evolving into much more radiant beings spiritually.

Across the board spirit is taking hold of each of us in one form or another with so many disciplines emerging and forms in which to merge with your inner self, many are surely becoming confused as to what these changes mean for us and how to move with the tide.

In my personal experience and quest for truth I have run the gamut of disciplines from the ordinary to the extraordinary and yet I continue to return to the same place again and again—Yogic Vedanta and Kundalini.

Kundalini is a word that can often be a little frightening for the layman and it is not a discipline that can be undertaken without some knowledge, but it is in my opinion the highest form of merging with the divine.

It is free of substances, free of clouded intentions and free of cost and pretention.

It is a way to go beyond the big classes and yoga magazines into a place of self knowledge without committing to anything that would take your car to get to. This work can be done at home at your convenience and it is effective immediately if done right.

There is a premise that we must have a stellar teacher to explore Kundalini energy and I do agree that it is important to study well, but it is in my belief that the best guru is the self and self-taught discipline can be far more effective and really make the most sense as we can remove the intermediary and really ‘experience’ fully the wonder of this blissful union with the self.

Find the information and study it. Then experience it first hand or find your way to a good Hatha or Kundalini Yoga class. My teacher Yogi Bhajan always said,

“If you want to learn a thing, read that; if you want to know a thing, write that; if you want to master a thing, teach that.”

I say, teach yourself.

So what is this Kundalini anyway? It is the vital force that lies dormant within us that can be accessed by yogic (and other) disciplines quite easily when done correctly.

This force is known as the force of creation and it is thought to be as powerful as the atom bomb.

Yes, that might sound trite but it is true—I have experienced it myself frequently. This force of creation lies at the base of our spine in the muladhara chakra and is known as a coil. In fact Kundalini is known in some circles as a coil of hair of the beloved.

So who is this beloved? Your own soul, self and essence are the beloved that are sought after in Kundalini.

Why do we seek the self?

Well in yoga often we think that the practice is doing a headstand or wearing yoga clothes, but in fact every single yoga class should go so much farther than that and sadly so many go uninformed about the true practices.

In yoga we seek to remove everything external, to strip away the ego and personality and once naked we face the self and embrace that person and love fully that beloved—from there we enter a state of supreme self love. Our heart opens and we can then find love in others, in moments and in the now.

We use Kundalini energy in every properly sequenced yoga class. We have seven chakras that align to our spine and correlate to a gland. These centers vibrate at a certain energetic frequency.

As we work with them we tune them—the chakra system opens up to receive the Kundalini from the base of the spine, urging it to raise up to the crown of the head or the pituitary and pineal glands.

The glandular system is what yoga is meant to work on, not the muscular system. If you are not working on your glandular system I might venture far enough to say that you are not even doing yoga.

So what happens when I align myself and my Kundalini rises?

Firstly you breakthrough crystallized cellular memory in your body stored also in your chakras. Then you feel a harmony with your body and your glandular system secretes the proper hormones which create a state of true inner peace that you can literally feel.

From here the Kundalini strikes what we know as the silver and golden cords in the two highest chakras and we might even have a visual change in perception and also a whole body alignment with the universal consciousness or presence.

This is as physical as an experience can be—you literally might see a white light, hear a buzzing in your ears, feel dizzy and some people even faint. Once we can control this rush of energy and sit in it quietly we can journey, even in the same way that the modern day Shamans do.

We can let go into the blissful feeling, becoming it.

This experience is true peace in real time.

In this time of great magnificent change we are experiencing we must align to this powerful energy for our own personal transformation and evolution beings.

It is my belief that this is true evolution—skill and control of this energy awakens us, makes us whole, wakes up our brain and enlivens us to reach our goals and manifest our dreams.

(Use this energy for something good and you are what the Buddhists call a Bodhisattva or servant of the highest power.)

We are being called as a species to wake up. It is time now.

You can arm yourself with the information now and move into the new reality of love, truth, light and peace. Peace has begun and the inspiration lies within you to move into it, find it.

Want to know more? Check out my articles in the following weeks to get started.

Sati Rose is a present day spiritual healer. She has worked as a yoga teacher in 3HO Kundalini, Hatha and Restorative Yoga for 12 years. She offers her healing and teaching in the city of Philadelphia where she resides. She is a certified Rebirther in the lineage of Haidakhan Babaji and also works as a Thai Yoga Practitioner. Sati is the founder of Satya Yoga, emerging soon aligned to her own daily discipline. She is awakened into the now, present with herself and in love with life. She is a mystical goddess in action and a warrior for the equal enlightenment of all beings. Find out more about Sati on Facebook or Twitter.


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