July 20, 2012

Why It’s Great to Be a Girl.

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It’s a tough time to be a girl?

No, it’s a great time to be a girl.

I was delighted to see this eight-year-old girl’s list on Reddit. We get a little bogged down in these back and forth “adult” discussions of masculine and feminine and who has it harder, who needs to change. Maybe it’s time to get back to basics and appreciate ourselves—and each other.

Best comments:

 In 27 years, I will be expecting her name as an option on the ballot to vote for President.

If my girls have half her passion and confidence then I’d be a happy dad…good on her!

I am a parenting expert by profession (and parent to a similarly confident teen girl) and I say to you that its evident you doing something absolutely RIGHT!!! Definitely save this for her. Good luck!

That was one of the most touching and empowering messages I have ever read about being a woman. You’re daughter is my hero, and appears to be very sharp for her age.

<big smile ear-to-ear>

aren’t kids just awesome?!?!

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