August 8, 2012

Dear “Jackass Website.”

On Aug 7, 2012, at 8:40 PM, David James wrote:

I came to your website to track down a quote, and found other interesting stuff – left the site, then tried to use my browser’s “back” button to return to find more detail about the subject I was interested in to begin with.

When I hit “back” to get back to your site, I wasn’t directed to the page I was on, but to your “Pay Us To Join as a Member” page.  No matter how I tried to get back to find the information I was after, I just kept getting back to the “Pay Us” page.

Fuck you, I’ll NEVER join your stupid site regardless of what’s there.  Idiots.  If I’d found what I was after and enjoyed the site, I might have subscribed.




Dear David,

Best email I’ve had in years.

I know the notion of paying for media that you like might be a new one for civilization…no, wait, it’s been going on for 1,000s of years.

We actually do offer three [update: two] free articles a day…so I think you might have clicked around more than you’re mentioning. We do want folks, like yourself, but not yourself, to browse through our web site and possibly subscribe. Our other site, jackasstimes.edu, is for jackasses like you and me—and it’s free.

PS: if you come back tomorrow, you don’t have to admit it to anyone, you’ll get another three [update: two] articles for free. Or you may want to, egads, subscribe, which I know you won’t, because it’s a rip-off—it’s $1/month [update: $2/month] so we can, you know, get rich —because as I’m sure you’ve heard journalism and new media are surefire ways to make a bundle, these days.

Yours Sincerely,


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Bonus: speaking of donkeys…

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