How Having His Car Stolen Led One Man to Contentment. {Video} ~ Jason Nemer

Via Big Happy Day
on Aug 24, 2012
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For Jason Nemer’s 30th birthday he received a case of coconuts, a book on Buddhism and… oh yeah, his car was stolen!

Jason shares his own journey of how he began teaching yoga, and the incredible circumstances that led him to traveling the world and practicing non-attachment. When his van (that he’d been living in) was stolen, along with all his worldly possessions, he became acutely aware of what was of most value in his life – friends and community.


Jason Nemer is a cofounder of AcroYoga, which blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of acrobatics.

Jason pursued acrobatics intensively during his teenage years, becoming a two-time US Junior National champion in partner acrobatics and representing the US at the World Championships in Beijing in 1991.  He performed acrobatics in the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics.

It was only in his last semester at university that Jason came to yoga, and he has never looked back.  Through the practice of AcroYoga, Jason cultivates trust, connection and playfulness, bringing people into a state of union with themselves, each other and the divine.

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2 Responses to “How Having His Car Stolen Led One Man to Contentment. {Video} ~ Jason Nemer”

  1. Krishnabrodhi says:

    Very interesting timing for this story. The other night my girlfriend walks back into the apartment from taking the dog for a walk with a distressed look on her face an immediately tells me that our backs have been stolen. She was quite upset by this while I wasn't moved at all. I have lived long enough to see a great many material things in my life come and go so I've gotten to a space of not really being uber attached to things. But to tell the truth I have been this way most of my life. When I was a kid my bike was stolen. After walking home and telling the story to my step-father he completely didn't believe me because of how calm I was about it. He figured I must of sold it or traded it for something. It took my mother showing up and re-assuring him that that is just the way I was for him to believe me.

    So I told my girlfriend that I would buy us some more bikes and went about my business of whatever it was I was doing on my computer. After a while my spidey senses started tingling to let me know that something was still going on for her. So I stopped what I was doing and ended up holding space for her process that followed. This lasted for about an hour and a half. After which she was feeling a lot better and went outside for a smoke.

    When she comes back in she announces that whoever stole them bikes seems to have brought them back.!!! I could do nothing but laugh at the playfulness of the universe. I have no clue why the bikes were brought back but I would love to know the story of their adventure. I have to say what I was most happy about wasn't so much getting the bikes back but the fact that I didn't the time in suffering while they were gone because of attachement.

    Meanwhile my girlfriend… instead of being happy that the bikes were back was angry all over again for the what she said was "the stupidity of stealing bikes just to bring them back"

    Again… the universe is funny…. 🙂