August 24, 2012

Let Go! As If Your Life Depended On It. ~ Michelle Alva

Have you ever thought, “What if a tree were to keep all of it’s dried up leaves every fall season?

Can you imagine what that would look like during the winter time? It would take a lot of extra energy from that tree for it to hold on to all of its dead leaves, for it’s nature is to shed.

Its nature is to allow those dried up leaves to detach and fall as the wind is so perfectly designed to assist in it’s shedding process.

Nature is so perfect.

The weather, the magnetic pulls, the birds that fly onto its branches to excite those leaves and help them along their shedding process. Nature supports the death process just as it support the re-birth process.

Dead leaves are a sign of transition, new life is about to take place.

How possible could it be for new baby green buds of leaf life to pop up on those tree branches towards the end of winter if they were covered with old dried up leaves from the previous season? Can you imagine that for a moment?

That old dried up tree would welcome the spring time, a time of re-birth, dried up and looking old and stagnated!

Death signals the end of a phase of life. Just as birth and re-birth signals a new beginning. All of nature is a reflection of us.

It is our nature to walk around and shed old dried up skin cells and our hair falls without us even knowing it.

We release 10,000 thoughts and emotions daily. We also release daily through our digestive system! Release is everywhere in our bodies as in nature. We are perfectly designed to release emotional energy through our tears.

Yet how many of us are holding back our tears and our emotional self-expression?

Our old dried up leaves of emotions, thoughts and beliefs are weighing a lot of us down. Are you an expert at accumulating or releasing?

How many of us hold on and store thoughts and emotions?

Today more than ever we are bombarded with distractions. The tv, cell phone, computer, car and endless amounts of information that is so easily accessible has made it very tempting for us to place our alone time or rest and relaxation time last on the list.

We are actually are our most productive when we make the time to balance rest with activity.

This way we can re-charge our engines and run on full instead of empty.

Mothers are the ones who may accumulate more old dried up leaves, especially if our children are needing our emotional support because of something they may be going through. We benefit from taking time to allow our emotions to process and release so that we can be more emotionally available for our families too.

If you have ever felt drained or overwhelmed emotionally, but not physically, because maybe your child is going through a difficult time, that is a signal to you to make more time to let go and re-charge.

It is just as important to nurture our emotional body as it is to nurture our physical body with proper food, exercise and healthy sleep habits.

Three Ways To Let Go

1. Connect To The Present Moment.

Become aware and notice the space that you are in.

Look around without any judgement or criticism. Notice the smells, the sounds, the taste in your mouth and the feeling in your body from being in the room where you find yourself right now. Feeling through the senses always brings you to the present moment.

This focused exercise makes you forget about holding on to past thoughts or emotions. The body naturally sheds and moves emotions when you become fully engaged in the moment.

2. Breathe with your diaphragm.

The simple act of breathing diaphragmatically activates the relaxation-let go response in our nervous system.

This is the kryptonite for stress! It’s just that simple.

I teach all my clients how to use their diaphragm and through that process of learning, they also heal and release emotional blockages. As I work with them, I get information, intuit information about their past. It’s as though a movie is playing all around the. I get images and sometimes feel compelled to share with them what I see/feel.

It amazes me how we all are so intuitive, if we just practice being in the moment and allowing our sixth sense to take over. This is definitely a skill that I feel I had my whole life, but even more developed after so many years of working in this field of energy healing.

The diaphragm is key to anyone who is wanting to live a life that is full of lightness, ease and things just flowing much of the time.

Listen to Let Go and Love guided meditation HERE. This will help you to connect to your diaphragm.

3. Express Your Stress.

Write, draw, paint, dance, talk to someone who is able to listen in a non-judgmental way.

All of these are ways of letting go and allowing ourselves to move whatever we may have repressed. When we engage in the aforementioned activities, we are pulled into the moment and that in and of itself is enabling us to release on all levels.

Try these three techniques and let me know how they help you! Comment down below and share them with a friend!

Michelle Alva, PT, RYT, EHP is a holistic physical therapist, intuitive healer, yoga therapist and belly dance teacher.. She is a catalyst for global healing, love, empowerment and peace. She fulfills her mission through her writings, videos, one-on-one healings, workshops and public speaking. Michelle’s diverse background has taught her that we are limitless beings able to co-create and manifest our true heart’s desire to live a life filled with passion, ease and lightness.

Michelle sings with the TAO Orchestra and recently created a guided meditation CD called Free Yourself to empower and educate individuals on how to tap into their inner resources to heal, energize and de-stress from the inside out. Visit her and receive a free gift at michellealva.com.


Editor: Elysha Anderson


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