August 16, 2012

One Man Renews Hope for Healing the World. {Interview}

Interview with Ilchi Lee, NY Times best-selling author, visionary healer, writer, philosopher.

I was honored and delighted that Ilchi Lee’s staff contacted me to interview him about his prolific life work and mission as a healer, writer, philospher and founder of the University of Brain Education, among other meditation-based peace studies initiatives.

Mr. Lee is the author of NY Times best-seling book The Call of Sedona as well as his most recent e-book, The Miracle The World is Waiting For. He has dedicated his life to uplifting humanity and healing minds, hearts, and bodies from the inside out and brings playfulness, spiritual innocence and joy to his work.

It was truly a tremendous blessing to have the opportunity to ask Mr. Lee some of the questions weighing heavy on my heart—about how he envisions the healing of this world will happen when so much of the world remains at war, in darkness, delusion and despair, and our inner cities remain hotbeds of violence and destruction.

I trust you will find Mr. Lee’s words and work will offer you a practical perspective about spiritual healing as well as renewed hope that world peace and international harmony is possible.

Q: We are facing a healing crisis of epic proportions in the world, especially in inner cities, where access to nature and holisitic
 healing is limited if not non-existent. For many, making the choice to
 live in harmony of the principals of nature seems completely

How can your teachings help people repair their 
relationship to the natural world?

A: The modern lifestyle does lead to nature deficiency to some extent in many people. Over the course of 30 years, I’ve tried to find natural methods of self-care that anyone can do anywhere. I’ve worked to make them simpler and simpler so that everyone can access the essence of nature, which is inside of us, as it is inside of all life.

We never have to be deprived of it; we just have to get in touch with it and express it in our lives. It generates the healing energy that animates our bodies and that needs to be circulated in a healthy way within us, as well as out in the world, for a healthy and happy life and a healthy and happy society.

Whether we live in the country or the city, we can live in tune with the essence of nature. That can be accomplished by becoming sensitive to energy. By practicing energy meditations of any kind, we can learn to understand our true selves better and communicate with all life forms.

Two simple energy meditations that I teach are Brain Wave Vibration and LifeParticle Meditation. In Brain Wave Vibration, for example, we move and shake our bodies while focusing on the sensations and vibrations this movement produces. With time and practice, we can learn to relinquish the tight control of our conscious minds and move to our inner rhythm to the point where we are moving unconsciously. In that way, the healing energy inside us is unleashed and circulates with the movement of our body and the focus on our mind.

In the process, we get rid of old, stagnant energy that no longer serves us, allowing our true and pure nature to shine through and permitting us to go beyond an intellectual understanding of nature’s principles to an embodied experience of them. This true experience of nature is wonderful in a green forest clearing, but can also occur in a dark basement.

LifeParticle Meditation can also be done anywhere, and is even better when it follows Brain Wave Vibration. In one form, we use an image I had created of what I call the LifeParticle Sun—it’s a representation of the oneness and creative power at the source of all life. Just by looking at this image, people can resonate with the vibration of pure love and joy that it emits. They can carry the essence of nature in their wallet in the form of a LifeParticle Card with the LifeParticle Sun image on it and can even use the card to send LifeParticles of love to other people. Connecting with nature can be this simple.

Once people are able to connect with nature inside of themselves through meditation, they can commune with the life force of any living thing, even a house plant, a tree on a sidewalk, or a pet. When they are able to be surrounded by nature, they can then experience it more deeply and viscerally because they would have increased their ability to sense life energy. With this new sense, they are better able to experience oneness and love for all life and form a natural desire to live in harmony with other people and the earth.

Q: The United States is a nation in crisis—morally, spiritually, 
financially, politically. So many spirits are broken and prejudice,
 poverty, racism and violence crush hearts and take lives every day.
 And many people are just comfortably numb, living lives of quiet
 desperation. I see The Call of Sedona being able to resurrect the 
essence of The American Spirit.

How have you seen your work change the
 spiritual health of this country?

A: My work is still little known in this country to have made a large overall impact. However, I have seen it make changes in many individuals who have discovered their own souls and their purpose and passion to live a life of productive harmony. If more people can have an experience of their great and beautiful souls, I believe hope will awaken inside of them, as well as the pioneering, innovation, hard work and determination that characterize the American Spirit. I hope to inspire and empower many more people to take charge of their health and happiness and live fulfilling lives by demonstrating how to follow the dictates of your soul, as I did in The Call of Sedona.

Q: Do you have any ideas about how to reach and heal our brothers and
 sisters living in poverty so that they too may enjoy fullness and joy
of life? What hope for healing, health and peace can your work offer 
people living in inner cities?

A: I try to make my teachings and methods as simple and accessible as I can, and there are non-profit organizations that share them with people who cannot pay for classes, such as the Dahn Yoga Foundation and the International Brain Education Association. Instructors go into schools, community centers, hospitals and even prisons in all kinds of neighborhoods to teach yoga, meditation and breathing.

The more people create peace and healing in their own lives, the more they have a desire to help others do it for themselves. And so it will spread and be passed on from one person to another until it becomes common sense regardless of where you live.

Q: Many people are simply not free in this world. Others simply do not 
feel free. In America, despite our many freedoms, many people feel
 they are enslaved to jobs they don’t like, stuck in relationships and
 circumstances that don’t serve their Divine purpose, and cannot find a 
way out of their trap and suffering.

How can The Call of Sedona
 collectively empower and uplift people who feel afraid, powerless and
 victimized to be truly free in mind, body and Spirit?

A: People can never truly feel free until they realize their true absolute value inside that is uninfluenced by their actions or external circumstances. Getting in touch with your true self is true empowerment. From it comes the freedom and power to create your life. That is why I teach about LifeParticles, and why I wrote about them in The Call of Sedona. Although I wasn’t born under special circumstances or with innate special talent, I discovered my divine nature, which has infinite creative potential.

I discovered we all have that potential and that it is expressed in the particles that make up all life. Once we are aware of them, we can move and manipulate LifeParticles and develop the freedom to manifest our dreams. This kind of consciousness and awareness is the consciousness of freedom that is not dependent on what life has offered you so far. In this state of consciousness, there is no room for fear, powerlessness or victimization. You clearly see how everything is connected and the influence you have on it. And you can visualize what you want and send LifeParticles of love and light to it to turn it from imagination into reality.

Q: Much of the healing of this world has to do with the shedding of
 ancient wounds, undoing years of karmic entanglements and waging peace
 among the nations. Do you see Sedona as the world’s destination for 
peace negotiations?

A: I do think Sedona will be one of the centers of a new spiritual civilization. I think thousands of people will gather here to share ideas and experiences. The energy of Sedona is strong and many people are drawn here who wish to create peace in the world. In the vortex energy of Sedona, we can move past karma and realize our own creative power.

It takes a moment to free yourself from the past and be enlightened. However, it may take you ten years to really believe it. I think more people are believing it now. With energy meditation and by using LifeParticles, we can purify ourselves of karma and live each moment as a new beginning. But I think true change in the world can only come when each person generates peace in their own lives wherever they are.

Q: Because we know laughter is still the best medicine, what or who
 makes you laugh?

A: I laugh easily at many things. I make myself laugh all of the time. In fact, I don’t need anything to make me laugh. I can just laugh whenever I want. Yes, laughter is the best medicine.

Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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