Our Creations Are Born Through Us. ~ Stephanie Yost

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on Aug 24, 2012
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Birth: It’s Not Just for Babies

I used to believe that childbirth was the only true opportunity in a woman’s life to determine just exactly what she was made of.

However, I’ve endured more change in the last two months than I ever thought possible. I separated from my husband of 17 years, my mother died and came back to life in front of me, I moved my home and my business, friends of 20 years “broke up” with me without speaking to me first, my car died, my website was hacked and I sprained both of my ankles.

Through all of this sudden change, I discovered we all have the capacity to give birth-if not through our physical wombs, then through the womb of our creative beings.

When I was a doula and childbirth instructor, I used to tell women in preparation for their labor that this will be the only time in their life they get to simultaneously have one foot solidly planted in the physical world and the other in the spiritual. I would also warn them that this straddled stance will require more balance from them than any other event in their adult life.

Yet, I now know the labor and delivery of a human child is definitely not the only time we are given this sacred opportunity to open, move and shake the foundations of our physical and spiritual selves.

We can experience this straddling of worlds every time we birth something new into the world-human or otherwise.

In the case of the latter, our focus and intent can create a new phase of life, a new career, a new relationship, a project or the launch of a new product or service. In each case, the general arc of the birthing process is the same.

As women, our creations are born through us, not handed to us. A freshly washed and wrapped life is typically not the experience of many women who have decided to create themselves and experience rebirth. It requires a ferocious type of strength and a clear vision in order for your unique creations to gestate and be birthed into the world.

The ability go with the flow is essential if you want the birth process to progress with ease.

Flow is the uniquely feminine ability to first accept what is happening in the process (no matter how much it may stray from your very well articulated plan) and then to allow it to enter you and co-create with you. As the divine feminine, your ability to cooperate with and  surrender to the wisdom that is flowing through you in each individual moment(especially the challenging ones), will prove to be your greatest strength.

While giving birth to my daughter at home 12 years ago, in the depth of labor I said to all those present, “This baby knows exactly what she’s doing.” And until that particular moment I was sure I was having a boy! I could feel the wisdom of the energy that was guiding my baby through the birth canal and moving through me. It was so beautiful and powerful that I chose to completely give myself over to it.

I realized in that moment I no longer needed to control anything else about this labor and I felt free.

Until that moment ,I had not realized that something greater than I had ever known existed was moving through me and she had this process handled. Relaxed, I no longer felt any need to control what I or my body did. Not only did the rest of the labor change from that point on, I was permanently transformed from a girl who was disconnected to the power that lived within me to a woman who would never forget.

In order to experience the depth of this feminine power, one must relinquish the culturally pervasive habit to judge what is happening. When any part of the process is labeled as good or bad, right or wrong, a disservice is immediately done to the strength of that inherent wisdom that lives in you and is guiding the process along with you.

In all circumstances, inner preparation is essential to a successful outcome. It is the state of our inner being that dictates how smoothly the birth of a new life will unfold (either in the form of an actual baby or the new life one is called to create after the old one has withered on the vine).

Through the entire growth/birth/creation process, support is essential. Professional transition support in the form of a coach or a birth doula can put you in the right mindset and remind you how to be the cooperative component with the wisdom that already is coursing through you. This kind of support can also set up the sacred environment to help you feel safe enough to open and to be able to trust yourself to do what feels right.

Ultimately it will be you who knows when it is time to move or moan or push or rest.

At any given moment within you, there is always something ready to die and simultaneously, to be birthed through you. What are you growing in your womb of creation now? What gorgeous thing is meant to come to this world only through you?

Ironically, it is only when you open more than you ever thought possible and you give your body, mind and spirit over completely to the process of your new creation is when you recall and unfold your true essence and find out exactly what you are made of.

In my case, this creation of my new life on the other end of so much change is still in the newborn phase. And just like it was when my daughter was born, I am in love with it already.


 Stephanie Yost, CPCC  is a master change agent lighting fires to the talents and passions of the worlds’ most underdeveloped resource: women, Stephanie Yost, CPCC  is a master change agent lighting fires to the talents and passions of the worlds’ most underdeveloped resource: women, between 30 and 50 years alive.

A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with over 15 years of experience in women’s empowerment initiatives, Stephanie’s international private practice thrives by igniting the fires of freedom and creativity under entrepreneurial endeavors. She specifically helps women discover what they truly want from themselves despite all the years of putting themselves last.

When Stephanie is not coaching women to live their most expressive truths, she gets lost in the foothills of Boulder, CO with her vibrant daughter and lovable junk-yard dog. She believes that women only improve with age and that radical self-care is the secret to the universe. Connect with Stephanie personally on Facebook or Twitter. To receive her monthly life leadership newsletter, Bloom! visit www.gumtreegrowth.com.


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18 Responses to “Our Creations Are Born Through Us. ~ Stephanie Yost”

  1. Doris says:

    Spoken with great humanity, wisdom and humility, Stephanie Yost. Well done. I'm wishing you well.

  2. Asa Myers says:

    Powerful wise words! For men too.

  3. Stephanie S. says:

    So much strength in embracing that feminine and going with the flow. I never thought about this huge transition in my life like the birth of my child but it is….and life is, in general. Thanks for saying it and beautifully as you always do. Stephanie Yost.

  4. Kelly K says:

    This brought to mind a passage by Rumi:
    "Every midwife knows that not until a Mother's womb softens from the pain of labor will a way unfold and the infant find that opening to be born. Oh friend! There is treasure in your heart, it is heavy with child. Listen all the awakened ones, like trusted midwives, are saying, welcome this pain. It opens the dark passage of Grace."

    Thank you for inspiring in your, always, Big Hearted way Steph.

  5. Amy C. says:

    You are truly a wise and beautiful woman. Thank you for always sharing.

  6. Carl B. says:

    It's inspiring to hear how you've taken real adversity and thrived – radical self-care indeed! You're doing something right! And understanding how yielding brings potency – priceless. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  7. Yes! When we welcome the pain, the pleasure, and the sensations whatever they may be, we say a big huge "YES" to what life wants to birth through us. It can be such an exhilarating and empowering process to enter into it with wild abandon. Thank you Kelly!

  8. I heard a wise one say this past week, "the way we do anything is the way we do everything." YES. Thank you Stephanie.

  9. That's beautiful Carl. Yielding does bring potency. I may have to quote you in the future. Thank you!

  10. Thank you Asa. Yes, this is absolutely applicable to men as well and certainly wasn't meant to be exclusionary! Thank you for bringing it to the conversation. it is essential to keep in mind the balance of masculine and feminine qualities within each gender despite the prevailing sexual essence of each individual.

  11. Megan M. says:

    Thank you Stephanie for sharing the wisdom! Your words are very powerful and inspiring as I am also going through great life transitions and growth!!

  12. Kay B says:

    I really appreciate your perspective of change as (re)birth put in the context of the actual birth process. It makes the seismic shift moments more bearable, more wise, less scary. I fully embraced the birth process of my two daughters, (mingled with moments of fear and pain!). With the same attitude, it's possible to more gracefully weather the change that is taking place now in my own life and trust that as well, even during the moments of fear and pain. Thank you for the sharing this expansive view.

  13. Kate Franklin says:

    Thank you Stephanie for reminding me of the power of surrender. You are an inspiration, as ever! x

  14. Katey Foster says:

    Ah yes, to move, moan, push, or rest……so well put. Trusting our instincts to be with what IS seems to me a constant journey. Simultaneously letting go and letting in, going with the flow of the Universe and breathing in time with God(dess) is a practice available in every moment of every day. Thank you for the piece you have written here; so many poignant reminders of the Blessed Grace (and therefor, potential) within us all.

  15. Katie says:

    A great heartfelt analogy to creating new opportunity or changing your life's path. Funny, when referencing a prior entrepreneurial venture, I called it a child because of the time end energy it consumed. And now I have a two year old daughter, who brings your article full circle for me. Well explained, Stephanie!

  16. This was an amazing reminder to be true to the process and allow! Perfect timing. Thank you for such a beautiful article!

  17. Jan Garrett says:

    Kudos, Stephanie! Spoken like a true vision quest heart warrior. Your beautiful vulnerability shines through too, the deepest strength and surrender. You are a fabulous writer. I would love to hear more details about your mom, your ankles, your friends, your business, the hacking of your website, and the dance of leaving your husband….combined with your grounded perspective and great sense of humor. The juice is in the details……
    Love from Jan G