August 21, 2012

Shamanism 101.

How do we awaken our inner power and stand in that power as a Shaman does?

Shamanism, according to Liz Seidel (Kelly Morris’ Shaman), is an ancient healing tradition that has been lost, forgotten or discarded. A Shaman is a person of knowledge that travels into an extraordinary state of consciousness to bring healing.

Seidel admonishes us to “travel outside of time into an altered reality without drugs or other reality game changers.” That would be great if I only had an extra ten minutes in my day for sober time travel. I don’t mean to make light of the subject, but to the average westerner this seems almost impossible and a little kooky. So what exactly is she talking about?

After attentively listening to this podcast, a few things stood out that I could relate to. First, she speaks of directing your own energy, and that in Shamanistic healing there is no Dogma, and no hierarchy; I like that. The Patriarchy has taken control of the masses by taking away our personal power within and appointing middlemen. We are given a middleman to follow whether it be a priest, rabbi, guru so on and so forth when, as Seidel said, “We should be following the path not the person.”

She also says, that the select few that are in power, “are vagina free!” (my favorite quote of the interview by the way). This makes the inequality between men and women even more prevalent. Many believe that the masculine and feminine need to be equal, and not in the feminist angry about repression way, but in a way that is earth and spirit driven wholeness.

It’s true that the masculine and the feminine are not equal but through Shamanism we can help create a balance by connecting with the feminine which is the creation the energy and the sacred fullness.

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What should we take from this interview? I will be taking the bits that resonate with my organic truth. I will take the beliefs that ring true to me just as I do from any other religion or philosophy. My mother is Christian, my grandmother a Catholic and I have an array of very dear friends that range from Atheist to Jewish and Yogis galore whom explore religion and philosophy with a gentle mind and an open heart. I will try to gain knowledge into how I can help myself and help the world heal from chaos, and I hope that Where Is My Guru listeners and readers do the same.


West coast native turned southern sweet heart, Nicole Larossi has been practicing yoga since 2002. She found yoga when she was pregnant with her first child and has loved it every day since. Several years later after moving to the south she decided to follow true path, and take her yoga practice to the next level by becoming a teacher. Nicole is passionate about healthy living, yoga and uniting her community and thrives to inspire other to do the same, recently taking on the position at Where Is My Guru as Special Projects Coordinator. You can find Nicole on Facebook, Twitter and the web.


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