August 29, 2012

Six Ways to Use Your Mind for Healing.

Using your Mind To Heal – photo courtesy of David Arenson

Our mind is integral to our healing.

In health and healing, our thoughts, beliefs and emotions have a profound effect on our physiology. Thoughts have been shown to alter our neurochemistry. The placebo and nocebo effects are well-documented, and in some cases, have even shown more dramatic results than the so-called active drugs.

What we think about our health and healing is crucial to all aspects of wellness. Our entire molecular system is mediated by hormones—the “molecules of emotion” triggered by thoughts and beliefs. Beliefs hard-wire our brains differently and change our neurotransmitter balance.

Beliefs are in many ways part of a magical realm—we construct our world around them, yet usually do this completely unconsciously.

In South Africa, where I grew up, many stories proliferate of ‘witch doctors’ casting spells on people. There were numerous urban legends about ‘witch doctors’ prescribing death at certain times, and the person dropping dead as predicted. The belief of dying was so strong that it came true.

Beliefs can kill you or save you.

Imagine what is possible if we use this power for positive outcomes, like fulfilling our dreams.

My main task when I work with people as a coach is in the realm of beliefs. Shifting beliefs changes people’s worlds. That’s why I am so passionate about the power of mind. When we engage our mind, anything becomes possible.

I believe that the key to changing anything is in changing the beliefs that caused the original state. I am constantly learning more about beliefs in my own life and how they affect me.

Here are six ways to use your mind for healing:

1.  Dream

I believe all change starts with a dream.

Dreaming our way to health may sound unrealistic, yet the realm of the subconscious is accessed by dreaming, and that’s where a lot of our bodily functions reside. Dreams are your special way of accessing a world of imagination and possibility.

The dreaming phase is mind-expanding, and a special way of accessing a world of imagination and possibility.

Dream your way to wellness.

2.  Desire

Use of sustained positive emotions are integral to healing. Desire is an emotional trigger to keep you on your journey. The stronger the desire, the more potent is the force of will that will keep you going even in the dark times.

3.  Intention

Create a vision of healing for yourself in your mind’s eye.

Visualization (guided imagery) techniques work because the mind thinks in pictures.

Intend for the healing to manifest in your life. Intention is powerful as it propels you forward in your journey and creates a clear and powerful goal. 

4.  Mindfulness

Mental focus removes other barriers from distracting you. It brings the fullness of your energy into the moment. Focusing your attention on one thing will enable you to bring all your resources to its achievement.

Meditate on transforming yourself via sacred healing.

5.  Believe

Believe you are worthy.

Believe you can be healed.

Believe you deserve great health. Believe you will get better.

Know that you can always change your life through changing your beliefs.

6.  Tap into the soul

Relax away all stressful thoughts and doubts.


Tap into a higher source.

Call on your angels to protect you.

Ask God to assist in your healing.


Surrender to a Higher Power; photo by David G Arenson ND

Author’s Note:

Healing is a sensitive and often intimate topic often overly-intellectualized. I am aware that glib philosophies do not quickly or easily remove suffering. Suffering goes to the very core of the human condition.

We cannot always know the reasons and answers, especially when it comes to healing. Not just because people have suffered so much, and often tried every possible option, but also because it touches on our vulnerability and immortality. Even if you have healed yourself, it doesn’t mean your technique will work on everyone.

Sometimes we must access our spiritual natures, nurture grace, surrender and the deepest aspect of healing within our souls. This will allow us a sense of peace whatever our situation.

Sometimes we are not able to heal. We must accept this too, and not lose faith as a result. We must accept the possibility that we cannot change everything, we cannot heal every condition as we would like. We are not immortal.

I write a lot about anything being possible (which it is), yet sometimes it’s just not possible for you right now. Sometimes the answer is No. There are many stories of miracles happening when every doctor said they were impossible, yet there also stories of inexplicable relapses and medical disasters. I believe that we should be optimistic, that we should believe in miracles, yet I also believe we cannot be unrealistic. We can expect miracles, but also accept when they don’t occur, they are not meant to happen.

Using the mind and beliefs opens up amazing possibilities for healing, yet it is not a panacea for all illness. What I can say is that mind tools like hypnosis are very successful at removing pain, often 90 percent or more of pain. Yet, hypnosis cannot necessarily heal every condition or stop all pain.

Changing you beliefs will change your life, and that is a miracle in itself—but also accept that reprogramming is a deep, constant and mystical path requiring full immersion, dedication and commitment.

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The power of the mind.
Photo by David G Arenson ND



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