Ten Reasons Why Doing This Can Make You a Sexy Beast.

Via Dianne Bondy
on Aug 24, 2012
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Tara Stiles | Photo: Steve Shaw

What do Adam Levine, Robert Downey Jr. and Tara Stiles have in common? 

They all do yoga and they’re all sexy as hell!

Sexy, sexy, sexy!

Old, young, fat or fit, black, white or any shade, doing Yoga makes you sexy.

The practice of yoga adds a little mystique to your persona. You’re infinitely more interesting when you are on your path. People seem to stand up and take notice. The word yoga, and the practice of yoga, always creates a buzz.

What makes people sexy? Feeling confident, happy and being content contributes immensely to your hotness. Tara Stiles got it right, yoga does make you sexy, slim (if you really want it), calm (most of the time).

Yoga teaches you discipline commitment, endurance and surrender.

Here are 10 reasons yoga makes you a sexy beast:

1. Yoga creates self-confidence. When you take care of yourself and cultivate a regular asana practice you feel better about you. Your shoulders are back and your spine is straight, head is held high. When you’re confident, people want to be around you. It makes everyone notice you. Self-confidence is totally sexy.

2. Better awareness. You’re breathing in life and you’re having a full experience. You notice and appreciate things more. Sure, saying all the   right things might get you laid, but your awareness of something bigger than yourself makes you more engaging, compassionate and definitely more sexy.

3. Tight fitting yoga clothes make your ass look hot. An asana practice can help you get into all sorts of cool clothes.

4. Yoga makes you more flexible in all the right places. Just sayin’.

5. Inversions change your outlook on life, make you look younger and energize you. Vibrant energy makes you more attractive. Everyone wants to be around the life of the party. No one wants to hang with the party pooper.

6. Yoga increases your vibration and attracts more people to you. There’s a mystique associated with doing yoga. It adds a new flavour to your persona. When you do yoga you’re instantly more interesting, worldly and, of course, flexible…

7. A strong athletic Yoga practice like Ashtanga or Power Vinyasa Flow builds your stamina and strength. Yoga increases blood flow to vital organs—like your brain. Yes, and those other vital organs also.

8. Mula Bandha is the strengthening and toning the muscles of the pelvic floor or perineum. The drawing in and up of this area to the spine increases sensation and blood flow to your nether regions. Mula Bandha is believed to move energy along the spine to the brain. Containing, creating and drawing energy up the spine can create a euphoric feeling similar to orgasm. Match this energy with your breath and enjoy your results.

9. Peace of mind gives you the ability to feel more content in your own skin. Contentment gives you a little pep in your step. Looking for the good while acknowledging but not dwelling in the bad gives you more time to use your energy for more productive endeavours.

10. Practicing yoga can make you happy, compassionate and conscious of life. Yoga can put a smile on your face, and a real smile can be damn sexy!

I know that being sexy isn’t the only reason we should do yoga. Yoga is a tool on the path to self-awareness, self-love and love for all.

Whatever brings you to the mat can be the catalyst for changing your life and making the world a better place.

If being sexy appeals to you then own it.

Be who you are and practice yoga.


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About Dianne Bondy

Dianne is an E-RYT 500 the founder of Yogasteya.com, and Co-founder of Yoga for All Online Teacher Training yogaforalltraining.com. She loves to educate, share, celebrate yoga and diversity and is a contributing author for Yoga and Body Image: A New anthology. She is also featured in Yes Yoga Has Curves and Yoga Journal. She is a columnist for the Elephant Journal, loves public speaking, runs yoga retreats, trains yoga teachers, has a devoted husband, two small boys and not enough sleep. Dianne is big, black, bold and loves all things yoga. Try to keep up with Dianne on Facebook, Twitter, and DianneBondyYoga.com instagram or download one of her FREE podcast on iTunes


17 Responses to “Ten Reasons Why Doing This Can Make You a Sexy Beast.”

  1. Edward Staskus says:

    Sexy beasts, yes, that is what I see at the end of every Bikram class, on their way to the next party. By the way, beast is usually defined as a large, dangerous four-footed mammal.

  2. DianneBondy says:

    Thanks Edward for your precise comments. I am so glad you can appreciate the humour in my blog. Sexy and beast is a state of mind. Feeling good about yourself is a state of being. If my blog creates a response that makes people talk, criticize and laugh, then the discussion and the community is healthy and authentic. The bigger message of the blog is that it is good to feel great about yourself. Sharing that energy amazing energy increases the vibration of the world. When we feel empowered by that vibration true change can occur…

    Peace, Love Om

  3. elephantjournal says:

    I love your take on this, well done, I'm featuring this, and looooove your thoughts…still, two questions for you:

    there's plenty of wonderful yoga teachers who don't look like Tara, Downey or wassisface…many (not all) of whom are still sexy in their own way! So does yoga really help, if we take a wider sampling?

    And don't we all know plenty of yoga types who are decidely unsexy, partially because they so proudly flaunt their (superficial) yogaishness? Can't yoga actually make us less sexy, if it goes to our head?

    Either way, isn't the key to sex appeal, as you say in effect, maitri? http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/04/maitri/

    ~ Waylon

  4. DianneBondy says:

    Thanks Waylon! Thanks for featuring this I really worked hard on this and I thought about this blog for a long time. To answer your questions (a feel another blog coming on) I wrote this blog because I don't look like Tara Stiles and I still think I am a great teacher and I am feeling my inner sex Goddess becuase of my practice. I totally wrote this blog becuase I don't fit the yoga stereotype. I am a size 14+ , a person of colour and Yoga Teacher. I feel so empowered by my Yoga experiences that its created a confidence in me I never had before. I do feel sexy in my size 14 yoga pants. I would totally love to hear from others? How did your perceptions of yourself change after cultivating a yoga practice?

    Yes Yoga under the wrong circumstances definitely makes you unsexy. We have seen lots of teachers use their yoga magnetism to be total perverts. Then the question for them becomes more about seeking and abusing that power instead of creating it for the greater good.

    Peace, Love, OM

  5. Gitte says:

    Hi Dianne

    Thanks for a wonderful post – it put a smile on my face. I feel sexy but I also felt sexy before I started doing yoga – but in a different way. Before it was more about the physical aspect.

    Now doing yoga I am able to embrace it in another way, I feel that my mind og soul are sexy as well. Because I feel better about myself it makes me feel more sexy and it has nothing to do with the way my body looks. Yoga has made me love my body more and be aware of it in better way as well and yes being flexible makes me feel sexy because I know what I can do with my body. 😉

    It is difficult to explain exactly what yoga has done for me – because it has simply changed my life and I feel more complete as a woman and human being.

    I agree with Waylon about the unsexy yoga types and even though I believe yoga to be a miracle cure you need to embrace it, if you want it to work and a superficial practice doesn't do that. You need to open up to yoga if you want the extra benificts – like being a sexy beast 🙂

  6. Dianne says:

    So beautifully said Gitte. It is a gift when you finally connect your body, mind and soul. Own all your beasts sexy or not. Big love to you Gitte. I really appreciate you sharing.

    Peace, Love, Om


  7. Gitte says:

    love to you too Dianne 🙂

  8. Katie says:

    I was taking a break from the mat, and this got me inspired to get back on. Thank you!

  9. Dianne says:

    I am so glad Katie; that comment just made my day!I just want everyone to feel comfortable in their skin 😉

  10. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    Thanks Dianne!

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  17. Alyssa says:

    I will never look like Tara Stiles, and that's OK. (She'd probably freak out if I did and our paths crossed one day..) It's all about how we feel about ourselves, and yoga makes me feel good AND sexAY!