The Importance of Daily Reflection.

Via Sharon Parker
on Aug 14, 2012
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Step 10 of Living and Selling with soul:

Practice daily reflection on what you value most, whether its family, health, career or another passion, and ask yourself if you have honored that value this day.

Whether you pray, meditate, journal or take a long thinking soak in the tub, daily reflection is when we look back on the day and see what we learned. It’s a time when we slow down enough to allow our inner wisdom to give us feedback on how well we have lived our values this day. It provides space for us to embrace the lessons the day offered and to establish our priorities for tomorrow.

Every day brings its own opportunities and challenges and I often feel that 24 hours is not enough to handle them all. At the same time, I’m much too tired at the end of the day to really want more than 24! To the person who said God only gives us as much as we can handle, I say God must have me confused with a whole committee of people. The daily challenge for me is to accept that I can only do my best, meaning the best I’m capable of at this moment in time. And beyond that to accept that those I love can only do their best as well.

Perfection is not something we humans can achieve no matter how hard we drive ourselves and push ourselves to attain some standard of performance, beauty or success.

The twelve step groups have a slogan, “Progress, not Perfection,” and that’s a realistic reminder that we learn and grow at our own organic pace and it can’t be rushed. A farmer can put seeds into the ground, water them, hope for sunshine and a great crop but the seeds will germinate, grow and produce in their own organic time. Singing to them, yelling at them to grow faster, demanding that they work harder—none of these will make a difference. They need time for their own process to unfold. So do we.

Reflection time is our time to germinate, grow and produce our own best selves.

Without making time to reflect, it’s easy to react to everything life throws at us and to feel more and more out of control and as though we aren’t enough. We are enough. We are doing the best we can. And every day is another opportunity to practice working and living with soul.

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About Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker successfully sold high-tech products and services for 25 years. Her book, Selling with Soul: Achieving Career Success without Sacrificing Personal and Spiritual Growth, was re-released as a second edition with new content and updated material in January 2012. The book counters the negative notions of selling and explains how selling is an honorable profession that creates value for us all when it is done with empathy for the customer and a firm commitment to integrity. She donates all the profits from the book to educational scholarships for women and minority students. / As Founder and Principle Consultant of Sparker, The Coaching Company, she provides training for sales people and sales managers using the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology. As a licensed facilitator with Corporate Coach U, she teaches coaching clinics to front-line managers and team leaders and offers individual and small group coaching to help people achieve their personal best. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit the website:


3 Responses to “The Importance of Daily Reflection.”

  1. Chris Fici says:

    Thank you Sharon for the reminder to reflect.
    I've recently began journaling which has been a wonderful meditation.
    Your point about not unnecessarily striving for perfection is much appreciated as well.

  2. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB to: Work & I'm Not Spiritual.

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