We Are Not Our Minds.

Via Craig Holliday
on Aug 19, 2012
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Many (mistakenly) believe that we are our minds…but this is not the case.

The mind is a conditioned movement of psychological forces that have nothing to do with us.

This may come as a shock to some—to hear that we are not what what we think we are.

These psychological forces we were given to use by our biology, our culture, our parents and, without them, we still very much exist.

We are that which exists beyond the movements of mind; prior to these forces, we existed and once these forces leave us, we will still be here.

We are that which exists always, before, during and after the movements of mind; we can see the validity of this right now.

When we were born—and our minds were empty—we existed.

When our minds become silent, we exist.

And, when our mind gets worked up by desire or attachment, we can notice this desire or attachment within ourselves.

We must then be that which is beyond thought, because we can observe thought.

If we were our thoughts, we would have a temporary life; thoughts come and go so quickly.

But, we are not our minds…we are that which can see the movement of mind; that which is aware.

And this awareness that we are has no beginning, no end and no boundaries.



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About Craig Holliday

Craig Holliday is a Nondual Spiritual Teacher and therapist living in the mountains of Southwest Colorado. He is the author of Fully Human Fully Divine, Awakening to our innate Beauty through Embracing our Humanity. His work is dedicated to the discovery of our innate Divinity. He works in a way that addresses our everyday human suffering as a doorway to our inherent freedom. Craig offers Satsang, workshops, retreats and meets with individuals from around the world via Skype. For more information about Craig visit: Website here


2 Responses to “We Are Not Our Minds.”

  1. Perfectly simple, perfectly said. Thank you….

  2. Chris Fici says:

    Very simple and profound meditation.
    We are the soul indeed!