September 15, 2012

A Manifesto to My Lover. ~ Amanda Manfredi


Dear Lover,

You are patient and powerful. You listen to my breath. You search for the quiver in my muscles as you sway me alternately, deliberately, from tension to bliss. You are not swept away in my rapture; rather, you orchestrate it. You provide for my every comfort, allowing me to relax, let go, surrender. In surrender I am swept away. You assert your strength and lead me deep into the belly of my own fiery desire. You are my guide here, and I know I am safe with you. You usher me unhurried to the brink of my fulfillment, and then hold me there expertly, deepening and sweetening the pool of the senses before plunging me into its depths.

You see me naked. Not just the outward shell that is my body, but my naked trust, passion and ego. You are sensitive to my vulnerability. You are attuned to the vibration of my anxious anticipation. You draw it into your own calm, loving vibration and return it to me softened and rhythmic. I lift my gaze to meet your eyes and find compassion, acceptance and truth.

You are loving. Not the small kind of loving that begs to be defined. This love is the spontaneous connection that occurs when two pieces of the same spirit recognize one another and each is unable to escape the other’s gravity. It is a union. It is too big to be confined within rings, and papers, and rites. It is alive. It breathes and grows and endures. And in your loving touch you leave no scars, only planting seeds of pleasure and pure intention. Your kiss is a shelter from the past and the future. I can be nowhere but the present in your embrace.

You respect my independence. You see this woman before you as a goddess. Equally powerful and light, entrenched in dharma. You encourage me to fly, uplifted and engaged by this free spirit- never attempting to capture my freedom, only my adoration. You know that to grasp too tight is to collapse the bond which draws me to you. You are content with or without me because you are whole and driven under your own volition. Intimately, you ask with a glance if I want to go on with this journey. I shiver as our energy gathers at my spine. My eyes turn inward to receive the light you cast on me from within. Shakti is awakened. I am liberated from my senses as they are consumed in the fire of ecstatic bliss; tapas.

You are creative and intelligent. The confines of habit offer you no satisfaction. When your exploration leads you to one treasured experience, you seek not to recreate it over again. You absorb it and then blaze a new path toward new treasures. You know that each moment is pregnant with potential, and like a kaleidoscope you reveal to me a new masterpiece upon the slightest turn—an explosion of shades, and fractals, and reflections.

You speak the silent language of compassion and gentleness. I am listening. You apply your strength and intellect in equal proportions. I am observing. You invite me to expose my true Self. I am ready.




Amanda Manfredi is an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and teacher in Carlsbad, California. Additionally, Amanda is a professional photographer, mom, and avid adventurer. Learn more about her on her website, www.amandamanfredi.com.






Editor: Alexandra Grace

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Read 2 comments and reply

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