September 9, 2012

Best Videos, Photos & “Overheard at Burning Man” 2012.

“My favorite picture from this year. Thank you to everyone part of this amazing community.” ~ Via Imgur/Reddit. More big amazing photos here.


All “heard it here” quotes below via 2012 Burners.

> Overheard at the forest: “Doing this spiral dance with your arms invigorates your DNA. You’re spinning, and your DNA is in that spiral shape, so it realigns it.”

> I overheard someone explain that you could ask mushrooms to grow with a particular purpose and they would be “happy to help.” Like you could just ask a mushroom to grow and cure cancer, and it would work.

> “the human race evolved because of the mind opening effects of psychedelics.”

> You know, if you do too much acid, your spinal fluid runs backwards.

> Overheard on esplanade: “it’s like Vegas…but in the desert.”

> Probably my favorite was hearing a ritual being done in the temple where they were saying the temple was dedicated to Hera, the goddess of the earth. There was a priestess and everything.

…she’s the goddess of marriage and birth, not the earth. That’s Gaea. She’s mostly known for being freakishly jealous and punishing rape victims. If you’re going to do a ritual, at least get your religion right!

> my favorite quote comes from a bro-dude who was clearly expecting to come to Bonnaroo in the desert “I’m going to tweet that Burning Man SUCKS!”

> Overheard in my camp, one recently-introduced campmate to another:

“Are you still jet-lagged?”

“No. I’m always like this.”

> “He was so uptight he wouldn’t let me stick my pinky in his ass.”

> “How’s your burn going this year?”

“Really great. We brought our 14-year-old daughter this year?”

“Oh, is she a virgin?”

“We don’t think so…..OH! You meant a first-timer. My god. She’s going to kill me.”

Did you hear / see something funny? Add it below, in comments.

Bonus: Photo: Reversed Roles.

More videos:

The Burn Wall Street Project at Burning Man 2012: Fertility 2.0 September 1st 2012. The names on the buildings are “Bank of Un-America”, “Merrill Lynched”, “Goldman Sucks” and “Chaos Manhattan”. You can’t see it at the beginning but on the front of Bank of Un-America and Goldman Sucks, there are LED dollar signs that pop up.

Here’s a shot before the Burn during the day. http://i.imgur.com/W7LH9.jpg

This art piece wasn’t my doing, I just filmed it. You can probably find more info here.

Bonus: Dr. Seuss does Burning Man.

Bonus: Burning Man: a Love Story.

Some photos:

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Bob Sep 9, 2013 4:56pm

More hard hitting journalism from EJ. Sharing photos & YouTube clips, way to go Waylon. You must be proud. Yet you haven't address Michelle

Katie Dec 13, 2012 3:58pm

Funniest thing I overheard this year…. while standing at the EGO sculpture, "The EGO is so complex, man"

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