September 12, 2012

Book Review: From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven. ~ Melody Lima

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Book Review

The title of Leah Kim’s book draws you in especially if you worked in any office of any big corporation in any city.

If you discovered yoga as part of your path out of that office into a different world, From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven — Jump Start Your Career As a Yoga Instructor has a few tips for you.

When you choose to dedicate your time and energy to building a business you must set an intention and have a focus.

Miss Leah suggests to “seek to discover and live your passion” as a starting point. Similar to a yoga practice, look within, peel away the layers and learn.

If becoming a yoga instructor is what you seek, From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven — Jump Start Your Career As a Yoga Instructor has offers sound advice.

Learn Your Craft.

>> Find a teacher training program that feels right for you.

>> Practice and study with one main teacher.

>> Read: Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita.

>> Have a personal at-home practice.


Become a professional.

>> Purchase yoga insurance.

>> Put together a Professional Digital Portfolio (include resume, good photos, class description, and a bio in long and short form in both the 1st and 3rd person, referral letter).

Please note that a referral letter can be acquired from current managers and directors for use in future projects.

Miss Kim offers some do’s and don’ts as you begin teaching.


>> Keep learning by attending classes, workshops and conferences.
>> Practice at home to explore creativity.
>> Design a foundational sequence for auditions and days when you need a basic class
>> Become comfortable with silence while teaching.
>> Have eye contact with students.
>> Teach mix level classes to develop variations and modifications for all students.
>> Get support from your teachers.
>> Practice, practice, practice—keep your cup full.

Tripurasana (advanced dancer pose)


>> Do not worry about other’s standards, yoga is an art form.
>> Do not quote sayings from other teachers without citing them.
>> Do not be robotic—stay fluid.
>> Do not say everything about a pose.
>> Do not say everything about yoga in one class.
>> Do not rush in late, always be on time and move with grace.
>> Do not worry about the number of students in class.
>> Do not compare yourself to other teachers.

In From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven — Jump Start Your Career As a Yoga Instructor, Miss Kim takes it one step further to help instructors live as yoga teachers. Here are some tips to expand your teaching experience outside your classes.

>> Know your teaching community.
>> Sub or cover any chance it fits your schedule.
>> Get referred by an established teacher.
>> Be confident in negotiating.
>> Offer package deals to private clients.
>> Offer group classes in the community at beaches and parks for charity.
>> Diversify where you teach; studios, gyms, community centers.

If you love teaching yoga, “follow your heart and the money with come.” It’s sound business advice. A more yogic version is: “when your intentions are pure, the Universe delivers.”

As you find your voice and your teaching style, keep expanding and discovering.

Brand yourself; utilize digital networking sites to let people get to know you. And genuinely get to know people. Miss Kim suggests, “Don’t underestimate the importance of allowing things to unfold organically.”

If you feel a bit stuck and need some inspiration for your future, Miss Kim offers a Life To Do List. This is similar to a vision board. The author’s tips are to be bold, dream big and manifest your intentions and dreams.

From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven — Jump Start Your Career As a Yoga Instructor suggests to value your experiences and be creative. Blend your personal passions with yoga like yoga & surfing, or hiking or wine.

Miss Kim offers a warning. Be aware of self-doubt and negative thinking patterns. Do not feed into it—say yes!

Treat our career like a work of art, dream big and work hard. Look forward as you teach & study, spend time in the studio & out in the community.

Find a specialty and be you.

From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven — Jump Start Your Career As a Yoga Instructor is a must read for new and seasoned yoga teachers.

Melody Lima, I am a yoga teacher, and a mom who enjoys sharing my observations on and off the yoga mat through writing. I love peaceful debate and good scotch. Visit me at: YogaMatUnrolled.blogspot.com


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