September 11, 2012

Burning Man Talk: Becoming a Fertile Container for Passion, Purpose & Lust.

photo: Shasta Townsend

Why is love such a deep longing for us all? How do we find more love? Do we even know how to love? Can we love better?

These are questions that keep me up at night—and the questions I posed and answered in a recent public talk at this year’s 2012 Burning Man Festival in Nevada. I love to share ideas and was thrilled and delighted at the response from Burner listeners and their many questions. Love really is the question and answer we are all seeking. The sheer number of questions I received that day and later that week in camp and on the Playa inspired me to share this article and to invite readers to truly become a container of love and allow more passion, purpose and yes, even lust, into their lives. See what fertile unfolding blooms when you do…

This is Part One of a three part-series, posted exclusively on elephantjournal.

North Americans are the most over-weight, medicated, in debt and unhappy culture on the planet—and yet, we have the most wealth and resources at our disposal.

If we believe the myth that the more we have the happier we should be…then why aren’t we happy?

Most of us do not really seek more possessions but rather deep meaning and love.

We do not, however, love well; we neither receive, nor give, at a true heart level.

Instead we choose isolation, entrenched ideas and patterns, fear and self-preservation, when we long for deep connection, passion and love.

The rise in yoga, spirituality and events such as Burning Man reveal the deep longing within us for both radical self-acceptance and connection with others.

How much has humanity suffered because our personal fears kept us locked in our own prison? How much of our depression, addictions, sorrow and even wars, come from denying love?

The desire for love and connection is the deepest longing in humanity; it is calling in all of us.

But to experience a true connection and unconditional love requires vulnerability…and vulnerability is terrifying.

Vulnerability means we have a willingness to be truly seen for who we are—and to hold another in that same place. We shamelessly expose ourselves—not just our bodies—but who we are, truly. So many of us hide the flaws, cover up and mask our great shame and build walls so that we never have to feel vulnerable.

Our fear of judgment is what keeps us locked in ourselves; our fear of betrayal, our fear of abandonment and our fear of needing is what keeps us numbing and separating ourselves.

To love is to be truly open. But to open is to bloom like the flower who emits her sweet scent.

This new age invites us to stand in the essence of who we are truly—loving beings who are wired to connect, collaborate and celebrate.





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