September 24, 2012

Can The Secret work for me if I Don’t Believe in It? ~ Olga F’gold



Ask and you shall receive…or so “they” say.

The story of a closet doubter, Reiki healer, and astrology follower.

You wouldn’t guess it if you met me. You can find me reading US Weekly at the check out line of a grocery store. Better yet, hear me on the street yelling into my decorated iPhone, “no, she didn’t!

You wouldn’t guess that I think psychics might be real, believe in reincarnation and that the full moon makes women crazy and men lonely.

I do. I believe all that.

I was once called the most grounded spiritual person someone know. That’s an honorary title I accept.

There’s a significant amount of literature discussing the power of manifestation. How to do it. Why it doesn’t work. It goes on and on. I struggle, just like you, to manifest a billion dollars. I’m wondering, does this stuff really work? I know, gurus, don’t judge me. Apparently, my cent of doubt overrides my dollars of belief.

I can imagine these poor spirits, as they’re described, standing over me in giddy anticipation. “What will she ask for next? Oooh, Olga, come on we want to play worldly architects.”

Okay spirits, here I am, let’s go to Thailand.

I imagine them running around quickly connecting the Universe to guide me to this open door. They’re constructing a pixie dust railroad. I imagine myself, standing at the door, ready to turn the knob. On the other side, the magical fairies shush each other to feel my much ado excitement for their gift. Then…Boom.

You know, instead, maybe I’ll go to India.

Sigh, they shrug their shoulders. But, of course, they aren’t disappointed. Apparently, in this candlelit happy place they are all forgiving, all accepting. They merely turn with a wave of new energy to create another track, another door, another path. These poor little suckers, I’ve been playing this game with them for months.

For months, I’ve been planning a travel adventure. I don’t have any money but I have time.  I want to manifest a trip.  I want to manifest money for my trip.  I want to travel. It’s not happening. It’s simply not working. No doors. No windows. Not even a crack of light in a direction I can follow.

So, maybe it’s not them. Maybe they don’t exist. Maybe it’s me. If only I could hold one idea long enough for the Universe to conspire it to me. Maybe I’m the one who isn’t dedicated to my vision.

Isn’t it so much better to think that The Secret doesn’t exist than to admit that I may not really be dedicated to my dreams?

So you know what I did? I outsmarted The Secret. I figured out a way to put Her to the test. I would win this round. I would find out once and for all the power of these magnificent imaginary creatures.

Boy, was I whooped. Into tiny drops of ocean shreds.

I said to them,

Okay, Universe, guide me to the direction that best serves me.

If they’re anything like new age gurus, then they’ll eat that line right up. They love that stuff. Surrender. Apparently, we’re all just stubborn two-year-olds who insist on doing things the hard way. Apparently. So surrender. That’s all you have to do, They say.

Well, I gotta tell you. The next morning, while perusing the news page of Facebook, popped up a friend’s friend new company. This gentleman was a life coach who put all of his secrets for free on his site. After reading for about an hour, I had a plan of attack to make some extra money. The very same night, my mentor invited me to travel with her on her next yoga retreat to assist. Three weeks later, I was offered an all paid, month long expedition to Botswana and Namibia for work.

Coincidences? Maybe.

Timing’s pretty interesting though. Did it tell me where to go? No, but it reminded me that I am the maker of my Universe.

That conviction is what got Mandela out of prison. Gandhi freedom. MLK liberty for his people. Conviction and hard work. So, without an ounce of doubt. I’m going to keep asking for guidance. I will do the work though. That’s on me.

What do you think?  Has the Secret worked for you?  Have you outsmarted that little trickster?


Olga F’gold is a traveling vagabond goddess, who found a passionate  full-time job in Boston. She keeps her soul smiling with her dedicated yoga practice, running away to the wilderness in her free time, and practicing gratitude. She loves finding things to climb, people to hug, and harnessing her inner domesticated side. If you like what you see, you can catch her meandering inspirational tidbits here. She can be reached at [email protected].


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