Crazy Wisdom: Bringing Light to All Aspects of Life.

Via Lisa Tully
on Sep 9, 2012
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Chogyam Trungpa, a Tibetan monk whose life was filled with prayer, alcohol and women.

When was the last time you watched a film or documentary that was so good you felt held in its grip for days to come?

Those rare gems that once discovered, we mentally beg for ignorance to relive the initial revelry as we unyieldingly share with those around us trying hard to inoculate them with the joy—the pure joy.

Soul stirrers—that’s what I’d like to call them. The one that currently has me writing this blog of willful inoculation is “Crazy Wisdom”, a film about the life and times of the Tibetan master Chogyam Trungpa. A reincarnated wildcard that changed the face of Buddhism so we could more readily digest it here in the West whilst maintaining the respect and love of our counterparts in the East.

The spaghetti junction of thoughts and feelings this film is likely to generate for you may leave you with many lifetimes of processing, should they inspire you to pursue his teachings further.

After the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1951 Chogyam Trungpa fled to India for safety. He then embarked on a somewhat secular journey that led to him casting off his maroon robes, acquiring a 16 year old British bride and setting up an army.

It has been said to me before that had Tibet not gone through the devastation the invasion of China brought, us Westerners may have never had the gems of their Buddhist wisdom all around us, all accessible, as we do today.

“There was a silver lining. We became more public.” –Aref Assaf

Chogyam Trungpa made it his mission in the 70’s to mentally translate ancient teachings and communicate them in a language and manner suitable to the somewhat “stoned” Western palate.

Many wonderful people have created massive movements, engaging thousands of hearts and minds for a time. Yet I have never before seen such devotion, such instant reduction to tears decades after the person has passed, by the mere memory of a moment, the mere mention of his loving ways.

He seems like a permanent sacred lotus on the surface of the souls of his nearest and dearest.

And it is this that has inspired me to research his works more. It is this that has inspired me to share my “Crazy Wisdom” findings with you.  An incredible story of how East meets West and neither is diminished.


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About Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully ditched the corporate world a few years back and headed to India on her last few sheckles. She had a burning desire to see the Dalai Lama in person and learn from him. Blown away by the Tibetan culture she was simultaneously overwhelmed by profound inspiration for what she should do for her next job incarnation! Fast-forward past some serious doubts, the odd flood of tears, and nothing short of a few miracles—she now runs successful spiritual group tours to Dharamsala & Ladakh in Northern India plus the magical kingdom of Bhutan. Lisa loves nothing more than to take folks to experience the exact same life-changing trips she did. Visit her site & join the adventures!


22 Responses to “Crazy Wisdom: Bringing Light to All Aspects of Life.”

  1. Wonderful. One of my favourite teachers!

  2. LisaTully says:

    Mine too Piers! Glad you enjoyed it! All the best Lisa

  3. Nessa Woods says:

    Hi! I highly enjoyed this article and the video that you embedded along with it! Very enchanting and insightful!

  4. Jenine says:

    Trungpa was very wise! I can't deny that! Excellent post! 🙂

  5. Jordana Morgan says:

    Prayer, alcohol and women… what a combination! Thanks for explaining it further though lol.

  6. Breanna Cole says:

    Yep, there are a lot of wise teachers out there who can inspire and enlighten but I'd have to say that Trungpa is among my top favorites.

  7. Brent Halpern says:

    I highly enjoy the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa. This article depicts him as he is! I've shared this post with my FB friends so they can see why I enjoy his teachings so much.

  8. Jake Treault says:

    Lisa and Piers, I couldn't agree more. One of the best teachers in this world.

  9. Hannah says:

    This IS crazy wisdom! Thanks for all the insight and enlightenment. Great post Lisa!

  10. Yuta says:

    I can't believe he never tried to hide his drinking or sexuality or that most of his lovers were his students. He must teach that honesty is best.

  11. Rick Treault says:

    Honesty is the best policy! This is one of the many reasons I think Chogyam is one of the greatest teachers ever, and also one of the coolest!

  12. LisaTully says:

    Thanks Jake he is up there alright! Lisa

  13. LisaTully says:

    Glad you found it of benefit Nessa. Wait till you watch the full movie! Lisa

  14. LisaTully says:

    Thanks Jenine glad you like the post! Lisa

  15. LisaTully says:

    Indeed Jordana a thought provoking combination. Not many people could pull it off in the way Trungpa did don't you think? Lisa

  16. LisaTully says:

    Breanna nice to know you are being guided by this master. All the best Lisa

  17. LisaTully says:

    Thanks Hannah! Nice to see you enjoyed it. Cheers Lisa

  18. LisaTully says:

    Yes he didn't hide anything. A true peaceful warrior.

  19. LisaTully says:

    Can't agree more Rick. All the best Lisa

  20. Sandy Hawrluk says:

    Personally, I have never heard of this Tibetan Monk so this is totally new to me. I am interested in learning more about him and his teachings!

  21. Mel Weyburn says:

    Yep, exactly. And you are who you are. Don't try to be someone you're not :).

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