September 23, 2012

Simplest Blog Ever: Why I Can’t Shop at Whole Foods or Alfalfa’s (which I love) Anymore.

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Vitamin Cottage is 20 – 30% cheaper for the exact. Same. Stuff.

This was honestly hard to write: I’ve supported Alfalfa’s like family since it started up, love it.

I love and respect what Whole Foods and Alfalfa’s stand for and have accomplished. But: they’re a rip-off.

A pint of vegan ice cream, say, is two bucks less at Vitamin Cottage. A can of beans is a buck less.

I feel rich when I shop there.

It’s a Smallish Chain, Family-run (Publicly-traded). The produce section is too limited, but during summer I get most of my produce from our local farmers’ market, anyways.

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Read 30 comments and reply

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