September 11, 2012

Show Me Who I Am. ~ Angie Ducharme

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There comes a time for all of us when we realize we are not victims of our experiences, but creators of them.

When this spark of awareness ignites inside us, we often feel the need to withdraw and incubate for some time. It becomes hard to assimilate this new awareness of ourselves and initiate the healing of our unconscious experiences when constantly interacting with others.

“Solitude is the beginning of all freedom.”

~ William O. Douglas

When we spend time in silence, the whole part of ourselves takes over and starts to put the pieces together, making us more capable of wading through the waters of lessons and feedback in the world. Our new awareness settles into our being during our period of incubation.

We know this has happened when we feel the urge to re-engage into the social world again. This is where we find out where we stand. We make this discovery through our interactions with others. We attract what we are, what we have become.

“In your life you choose and create the people and events designed to bring you the perfect opportunity to know yourself as you truly are.”

~ Neale Donald Walsch

When our interactions with others spark unwanted emotions, they are revealing to us unhealed aspects of ourselves. We should observe these feelings with interest and curiosity in order to understand them, rather than react to them. We have done nothing wrong. We are all on a journey of discovery and this is nothing more than that—a discovery.

The best of all reactions would be to inwardly thank that person for their participation in our healing. When we experience another individual with love we intuit the origin of his/her anger, sadness, pain. If we do not find compassion in our hearts for each person we encounter, we still have healing to do.

“We live in a house of mirrors

and think we are looking out the windows.”

~ Fritz Perls


Angie Ducharme is a spiritual/psychological blogger and life empowerment teacher.




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