Sh*t Unprofessional Yoga Teachers Say…

Via Amy Ippoliti
on Sep 26, 2012
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It had to be done…and yep, we went there.

Yoga teaching can get serious sometimes, so poking a little fun at our profession is a healthy endeavor now and then. In all seriousness, here’s hoping professionalism and integrity in yoga is on the rise out there in our communities.




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Amy is a yoga teacher, writer, and philanthropist. She is known for her innovative methods to bridge the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and modern day life. Amy is a pioneer for advanced yoga education serving both students as well as fellow yoga teachers. She co-founded, an online professional development school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers and studios in 43 countries around the globe. She has graced the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine and has been featured in Yoga International, Self, Origin Magazine, New York Magazine, Yogini Magazine (Japan), Allure (Korea), Elephant Journal,, and many more. Amy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute, Esalen and Kripalu. She is a regular presenter at the Yoga Journal Conferences, Omega Institute Conference, Wanderlust Festivals, and The Hanuman Festival. Since the age of 14 Amy has been a champion of all forms of eco-consciousness, animal conservation and more recent forays into marine conservation. Website: . Hang with Amy on Facebook: AmyIppolitiPage Talk to Amy on Twitter: @Amy-Ippoliti Pin with Amy on Pinterest and share your pics with her on Instagram.


27 Responses to “Sh*t Unprofessional Yoga Teachers Say…”

  1. Annie Ory says:

    Hahaha! That was awesome.

  2. Squeamish says:

    Holy cow. 1:56 in I thought to myself, "How much longer is this?"

  3. Ben_Ralston says:

    Same here, but a little earlier…

  4. NEO says:

    Hmmm…Ben..figured you would be a trial of patience considering the duration of the world's longest Skype interview of 45 min on youtube with Kara-Leah Grant…ouch…

  5. cathy says:

    I hav elived this. However inmy recent 480 claesses, maybe only 5 times.

  6. Yoga? says:

    If you want to promote professionalism it would be more useful to show real yoga teachers being themselves. This video is fun to watch but it is so simplistic to the point of stupidity and it does not reflect reality. It's a great distortion of what is actually happening (unfortunately for many reality is boring and does not sell). As a yoga teacher and student I can say that all my peers including you, Amy are hard working, intelligent and doing our best to practice what we teach. This video is used to promote your on line course. Are you saying that your potential students can avoid having bad attitudes like the characters in the video by signing up for your training? If not, what is the purpose of the video again?

  7. heeheeehee says:

    honey, get a sense of humour

  8. Anna says:

    Things that are highlighted here is quite common. If you really want to promote yoga then you must find something unique and different.

  9. Squeamish says:

    You know you're a successful and "Professional" yoga teacher when you can post a video like this and get over 300 likes.

  10. Tamara says:

    Is this actually how some teachers are, because I have never experienced any of these things before?

  11. elephantjournal says:

    Jay Honrath My friend from Cali went to a yoga class in China. She told me after the class all the women took their shirts off, totally, no bra. And all relaxed and talked. She said it happened every time. (it was an all woman's class, but it still was a shock to her the first time)
    19 hours ago · Like
    Abby Wills Really? Disgusting.
    19 hours ago · Like
    Jay Honrath I've been to bath houses in China, and also other Asian countries. Being nude around others is not nearly as looked down upon there as it is in America. Although…surprisingly…the porn industry is FAR less there than America. Surprising.
    18 hours ago · Like
    Betsy Hamill Why disgusting? I say why the hell not after yoga with a bunch o ladies not trippin
    18 hours ago · Like · 1
    Betsy Hamill Teet liberation!
    18 hours ago · Like
    Abby Wills Oh no! Nothing disgusting about boobies! I love boobies! I was referring to the video. Do any yoga teachers actually ever say any of that? I've been in this field for a long time and seen lots, but never anything quite so, well, disgusting.
    18 hours ago · Unlike · 2
    Taro Smith Umm Abby…it's a satire…and unfortunately 'yes' there are some teachers out there that say this 'sh!t' and it brings down the profession.
    18 hours ago · Unlike · 1
    Abby Wills Taro, it's news to me. I must be lucky to be surrounded by teachers of integrity. Satire aside, what/who do you think is accountable for such disgust? Too many teacher trainings? b…See More
    17 hours ago · Unlike · 2
    Taro Smith Hi Abby- I think yoga has both beauty and dilemma. We all know and the love the benefits and spectrum of offerings. I think yoga can also attract teachers that take the attitude …See More
    9 hours ago · Like · 1
    Abby Wills Thanks, Taro. I appreciate your thoughtful response. I'm struggling with the current attacks on teachers. I've always loved teachers, most of them anyway. It seems en vogue right n…See More
    6 hours ago · Unlike · 1
    Waylon Lewis I don't think this is an attack on teachers, but rather an attack (humorous one) on bad teaching, which helps protect and highlight good teaching. That was my take.

  12. elephantjournal says:

    Let's all play nice. I thought it was fun and pointed out silliness in presentday spirituality/yoga/community—something I know you're all for, Benman!

  13. Funny...Nooooot says:

    But Waylon, there are some really good, funny Sh*t ______ Say videos out there. This video is not one of them. The comedic timing is completely absent. The Sh*t ______ Say people should sue for plagiarism or trademark infringement. The editing, acting, script, everything is terrible. The great Oprah Winfrey once said that the secret to her success is that she learned to "Stay in her lane". The people who made this video should have followed this advice and invested their time in working on their backbends or something. I'm sure the people who started the Sh*t _____ Say video thing are not out there trying to show people how to do Wild Thang and handstands.

  14. Funny...Nooooot says:

    Alright, now I feel bad about delivering such a tough critique. It was great! One of the best and funniest I've seen. When is the next one coming out??

  15. Anne says:

    The thing about this video-I get it that this is a spoof -but the yoga teachers are portrayed as terrible awful self absorbed people without any filters to what they say. So the things that they say are not typical of decent yoga teachers who say the wrong things so therefore it doesn't feel relevant unless of course your just a self-absorbed jerk. and no amount of yoga training can change that.. Practice maybe but training-probably not.

  16. YouGuessedIt says:

    You have a very low threshold for awesomeness.

  17. emilyalp says:

    I'm really shocked at all these responses. When I watched it, i saw a couple of caricature characters, displaying things that yoga teachers might actually feel but few would ever do full-on … I mean, they do them but less-so … the video just highlights them, makes them stronger. I laughed because i've experienced more subtle versions of this behavior in teachers I've dropped in on … and what was going on within their person, was likely more like what this video captures … more inside than what they showed to us. I, personally, found the timing hilarious. Humor is subjective I guess …

  18. Yoga? says:

    I do get the humor. I simply want to start a genuine discussion. How can we actually promote professionalism in yoga teachers. Too bad you are not taking the offer.

  19. Guest says:

    I am entering the room of those who find this video completely off target and not at all funny. The person who responded "Honey, get a sense of humor" was particularly dismissive. Having been in the yoga community for 20 years, I have never encountered such behavior or attitude. The video just showed a bunch of bratty 20-something's. Not cool!

  20. catie says:

    These videos have to be relatable to be funny. I find this mean-spirited and catty – it's not even parody, it's just completely obnoxious. I guess I'm incredibly lucky that my teachers work from a place of passion and inspiration and have a sense of time integrity. Whoever these folks are imitating don't seem unprofessional so much as they just act like assholes.

  21. Auki says:

    Judging by some of the above viewer's comments, I'd say this video struck a few nerves… which means that it probably landed a little too close to home for some Yoga folks. However, I thought it was kind of cute and funny. 🙂

  22. This sucked. Couldn't even watch a full 2 minutes.

  23. Butthead says:

    Huh huh… Hayou said Judge… Huh Huh…

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