The Rhino, Orangutan, Tiger & Elephant are nearly extinct in the Wild. Fish populations are collapsing. Why don’t we care? {Calvin & Hobbes explains}

Via elephant journal
on Sep 10, 2012
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Calvin nails Environmental Destruction.

And this here is what we call a prophetic analogy:

Reading strips over the past few years on the internet inspired me to buy those original Calvin & Hobbes collections again. Check out your local indie bookstore—it might have used, affordable editions.


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6 Responses to “The Rhino, Orangutan, Tiger & Elephant are nearly extinct in the Wild. Fish populations are collapsing. Why don’t we care? {Calvin & Hobbes explains}”

  1. DoomWorld says:

    As long as humans keep breeding, these problems cannot be solved.

    Last week I had a meeting with friends/clients who are a couple, they just had a baby, a girl 2 months old. He mentioned that in the future the life of younger generation gonna be harder and I'm completely agree with him, then I ask him, knowing that in the future, the life of the younger generation gonna be harder because everything else will be more expensive due to all the minerals and basic life necessities gonna be depleted, then why you decide to have a baby?? and his answer was, it's depend on how my baby will think in the future, whether she will have negative perspective or positive perspective, and now that I work hard for her, she might be able to look after us when we get old.

    At the moment, the majority of humans are selfish, they just care for themselves, otherwise why people prefer to have their own genetic children instead of adopting other orphaned children???

  2. Me2 says:

    Great strip!… Thanks!… This week's elephant slaughter photo shatters me and makes me want to live differently.

  3. riverwhy says:

    I DO care! And I want so desperately to change things – to help. This world is both so beautiful and so devastating – always changing. I find it near impossible to accept things as they are when i am confronted with all the horrors that we wage on each other and other sentient beings and the earth- I love them so much. Learning to accept and still act is my challenge. Sakyom Miphong"s beautiful video "What about me?" is a good place to start.

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