September 7, 2012

Use Your Drama to Kick A$$ & Be Unstoppable.

When is it okay to engage drama and when should you let it go?

I can be a drama queen. I try to blame my momma for my drama, but I gotta own my shit. I love a little drama.

There’s a ton of drama in yoga and it’s both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. I once heard a gym owner say she would much rather deal with group fitness instructors than yoga teachers because yoga teachers had way too much drama. As a yoga studio owner, I know this is true! This needs to change!

How do we change drama from an energy sucking useless experience  into an opportunity for personal growth?

Five ways to turn drama into exhilaration

1. Bitch Slap Your Insecurities

A lot of drama appears to have its basis in jealousy. Instead we need to see the world as vast. There’s plenty of room for all of us. Serve your students and family well. Things always work out as they should.

2. Kick Fear’s Ass.

Drama hits you like a slap in the face. You’re put on edge and the first feeling is fear. Fear stops you in your tracks. Change the energy in how you perceive that fear.

Why does this frighten me?

What do I have to learn from it?

Confront what scares you and learn from it. Become fearless and you become unstoppable.

3. Confront your Drama and Share How you Resolved It.

Often when drama ensues, it will drive me to my quiet place, my happy place, my yoga mat. Quieting my mind during my practice always provides the answer. Sometimes it takes longer than others, but when I ‘m stuck and don’t know what to do, I go to my mat.

It never fails, the answers come, and all works out as it should.

Share with your students how yoga helped you overcome the drama. Yet another power of the practice. Drama shows your vulnerability to the world. It shows that we are all really human and we all need to work on our sh*t.

Speaking of it…

4. Own your sh*t

Drama makes me think. It’s entertaining in the correct context. It stirs up conversation and encourages collective discussion. We’re all on a journey together. Wall have weaknesses, imperfections and room for improvement. Love one another, yes, but love yourself completely.

5. Be skillful with your Drama.

Use your drama to engage positive changes. The practice of yoga is supposed to make you more skillful at your life. Drama can do the same. Use your drama in a yogic sense, as a catalyst for change. Use drama to  stimulate rational, level-headed conversation.This will  bring awarenessand encourage others to do the same.

Drama can stimulate great personal growth and a greater devotion to the practice of yoga.

How will you use your drama for good?



Editor: Brianna Bemel


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