October 11, 2012

10 Reasons why my Favorite Rock Star is more Successful than You. ~ Nicole Weinberger

1. He surrounds himself with people who are better than him, more talented and who elevate him.

Although he is talented, this all makes his work easier and makes him look better.

2. He takes big risks. All the time. In everything he does.

Sometimes he falls flat on his face, in fact, many times, doing dangerous things, but much of the time those risks pay off. If they donʼt pay off, they are a heady learning experience.

3. He isnʼt afraid to fail. In fact, he is fearless overall. He doesnʼt sit around wishing and dreaming but gets his hands dirty and tries things.

4. He is a nice person and people generally like to be around him.

Famous people are famous because they are likeable.

When I met him at a dinner function and gave him my card, he didnʼt throw it back in my face, spill wine on my shoe and tell me he gets about a thousand a week. He took it and looked at it like it was the most interesting thing heʼd seen in a long while. And pocketed it. We all know he tossed it the moment he got outside, but the point is he was not an asshole. He was sweet and engaging and polite to everyone.

He also never takes full credit for his accomplishments. He always praises others around him.

5. He has a killer work ethic and is constantly remaking and improving himself, and trying new things.

6. He listens to himself over all others and follows his heart, dreams, and imagination to the fullest.

7. He constantly travels the world over.

This is a learning experience alone.

8. He isnʼt afraid to expose his weaknesses, learn from them and move on.

He is very open about his addictions and heartbreak, and in doing so has helped countless others.

9. He has a sense of humor and is playful in his work.

You can see he enjoys what he does and the people around him. One can tell he doesnʼt do it for the money and would probably be just as happy doing this without all the cash.

10. He has a sense of a higher purpose and develops his work with this sense and affects thousands of people, not only a small milieu.


I am Nicole Weinberger. I practice Chinese Medicine in West Los Angeles and am continually impressed by people more successful and famous than I am. What better place to learn than beginning with your own enviousness?



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