October 25, 2012

An Open Letter to Amanda Todd.

Recently, a young woman took her life because she was being bullied.

She was in the seventh grade, and so full of promise. Amanda was beautiful, young and impetuous…and she paid for it with her life. A momentary flash of skin caused years of torment.

Amanda, I totally understand.

It was harmless, it was innocent, it was a young woman in a moment of fearlessness. It killed her in the most cruel way, through years of torment and shame.

Who are we as society when we let this happen? Why is being mean okay? Why are so quick to judge? Why are we so quick to hate?

Amanda, I feel you and I am you. I was bullied too…

Growing up as the only black child in an all white school was hard. Kids were mean and relentless. I was so different from everyone else. For years my brother and sister were tormented for our skin color. The students hated us and the teachers ignored us. They played into stereotypes and were less then kind.

I feel you, Amanda. I am so sorry that you felt suicide was your only way out. I know you asked for help.

We are blessed and cursed to live in a world where social media is everywhere. When I was a kid the worst that could happen to you is gossip at school, a comment written on the wall of the bathroom or maybe the cool girl would beat you up. Now your entire life can be exposed to the world.

Amanda, as a girl who was relentlessly bullied and shamed, I understand. I survived through the grace of God. My parents told me I was destined for great things and I believed them. My parents were bullied and discriminated against being black in an all white world so I had their support and understanding. I think that’s what saved me. My Mom taught me yoga. I learned to trust myself and I learned to go deep within and find peace. Yoga saved me. I was so fortunate


Wherever you are Amanda, I know you are at peace. Your light lives on in all of us.

Amanda and everyone like you, I bow to your brilliant light.


Editor: Brianna Bemel


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