October 2, 2012

An Open Letter to Women. ~ David Esotica

Deep in my mind, I’ve been reflecting on the fears and pains that women carry and the dreams that they cultivate.

As I write this, it approaches four in the morning. A slice of solitude with my own thoughts.

I want to give to you.

I want to make so enormous an impact that you will be overwhelmed with the love that flows into your life.

In this state of being, I was compelled to write this piece. We can tentatively call it, “An Open Letter to Women.” This will flow a bit seamlessly, a steady stream-of-consciousness.

Let me begin by telling you when I see you, what I feel, what I see in you, and her, and in so many women I meet.

You pursue the ultimate in love and passion, and I know why. It is hard to describe, but it is like a hunger, a pain. A craving.

In the back of your mind, you think of it. You never overstate it, but it overrides you. You feel your body aching for it.

It is not enough for you to be in a relationship, to be loved, to be kissed.

You crave to be loved fiercely, powerfully, to be flooded with the burning fires of irrational passion. To be held strongly and safely, to be claimed completely and absolutely.

To have that man grab you, pierce you with those eyes and say, “You are mine.”

But this does not happen every day. It is extraordinarily difficult to find. It is excruciating. And while it is absent, you press on, all too aware of this throbbing, lingering hunger; this pain.

A brilliant woman is a beautiful woman, and a beautiful woman is a brilliant girl.

Brilliance cultivates brilliance. In relationship jargon we call this praise, attention and presence.

But to me, brilliance is brilliance, and brilliance breeds brilliance.

I will share a secret. Men don’t focus on female anatomy as single-mindedly as you might think. What really captures our attention is how brilliant you are, how magnificent you feel. That is what captures our imagination.

My attention is not in your body; it is how your body moves.

How openly you flow in your movements. The ease in your smile. The openness of your laughter. I will notice how much you love yourself, how much you cherish the temple of your body, how deeply you cultivate your soul. I will be enthralled by the sharpness of your wit, the radiance of your joy, and the openness of your sorrow. I will like you for who you are, but love you for your expression.

Expression! That is the key.

Express yourself fully. To be bold and radiant is to be in ultimate vulnerability. Let me see it all, crashing into my mind’s eye. Your breath, your mind, your sweat, your sex. All expressed in a seamless flow.

Give me all. Entice me. I will take care of the rest.


David Esotica works with his partner, Diana, to help women find the earth shattering relationships they crave

They believe in laughing, crying, passion and orgasms. So you can imagine what happens when they talk about sex.  Check out David’s Facebook page here.


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Read 11 comments and reply

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