An Open Letter to Women. ~ David Esotica

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on Oct 2, 2012
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Deep in my mind, I’ve been reflecting on the fears and pains that women carry and the dreams that they cultivate.

As I write this, it approaches four in the morning. A slice of solitude with my own thoughts.

I want to give to you.

I want to make so enormous an impact that you will be overwhelmed with the love that flows into your life.

In this state of being, I was compelled to write this piece. We can tentatively call it, “An Open Letter to Women.” This will flow a bit seamlessly, a steady stream-of-consciousness.

Let me begin by telling you when I see you, what I feel, what I see in you, and her, and in so many women I meet.

You pursue the ultimate in love and passion, and I know why. It is hard to describe, but it is like a hunger, a pain. A craving.

In the back of your mind, you think of it. You never overstate it, but it overrides you. You feel your body aching for it.

It is not enough for you to be in a relationship, to be loved, to be kissed.

You crave to be loved fiercely, powerfully, to be flooded with the burning fires of irrational passion. To be held strongly and safely, to be claimed completely and absolutely.

To have that man grab you, pierce you with those eyes and say, “You are mine.”

But this does not happen every day. It is extraordinarily difficult to find. It is excruciating. And while it is absent, you press on, all too aware of this throbbing, lingering hunger; this pain.

A brilliant woman is a beautiful woman, and a beautiful woman is a brilliant girl.

Brilliance cultivates brilliance. In relationship jargon we call this praise, attention and presence.

But to me, brilliance is brilliance, and brilliance breeds brilliance.

I will share a secret. Men don’t focus on female anatomy as single-mindedly as you might think. What really captures our attention is how brilliant you are, how magnificent you feel. That is what captures our imagination.

My attention is not in your body; it is how your body moves.

How openly you flow in your movements. The ease in your smile. The openness of your laughter. I will notice how much you love yourself, how much you cherish the temple of your body, how deeply you cultivate your soul. I will be enthralled by the sharpness of your wit, the radiance of your joy, and the openness of your sorrow. I will like you for who you are, but love you for your expression.

Expression! That is the key.

Express yourself fully. To be bold and radiant is to be in ultimate vulnerability. Let me see it all, crashing into my mind’s eye. Your breath, your mind, your sweat, your sex. All expressed in a seamless flow.

Give me all. Entice me. I will take care of the rest.


David Esotica works with his partner, Diana, to help women find the earth shattering relationships they crave

They believe in laughing, crying, passion and orgasms. So you can imagine what happens when they talk about sex.  Check out David’s Facebook page here.


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11 Responses to “An Open Letter to Women. ~ David Esotica”

  1. Charolette says:

    As a woman who embraces her feminine and masculine, loves men and relationships with men but loves herself more than anything…I would have to disagree with some of this.
    "To have that man grab you, pierce you with those eyes and say, “You are mine.” You had me until, "you are mine." No that is not what I envision a man saying to me after he grabs me and pierces me with his eyes. To be posessed by love is wonderful, to be posessed by another person…not so much. I can only speak for myself but the expression of posession of another is straight from ego and about the person who is expressing it not from love and equal ground.
    "A brilliant woman is a beautiful woman, and a beautiful woman is a brilliant girl." How did we go from brilliant woman to brilliant girl??? Does anyone else see a problem with this?

    This entire essay is about telling woman what they want and then telling them how they have to be in order to get what they are told they want. With a few sparkly words tossed in to appease us. I won't even address the "hunger" and "pain" of not being able to find the man that will give us all that we want….hahaha. David, you really need to talk to more women.

  2. David Esotica says:

    Hi Charolette, thank you for your feedback. I can see that we have very different views about this topic. My partner and I are always open to listen to what you have to say, even if you disagree with us. You are welcome to contact us directly through our pages.


  3. This is beautiful, David. I think I need to write an "Open Letter to Men" response piece.

  4. Mariucc says:

    "In the back of your mind, you think of it. You never overstate it, but it overrides you. You feel your body aching for it." Hmmm….yes, I think most women want to be loved passionately by a male (or female) partner, but this quote seems to be telling all women how we feel which didn't feel quite right to me. Some of us also long for God just as passionately and intensely, because no matter how much our men may love and value us, there is some longing that cannot be filled by something or someone outside of us. This is the longing for God, at least for me…

  5. David Esotica says:

    Bravo Kate. Be sure to send it to me directly to make sure I see it. I look forward to reading it.

  6. mariucc says:

    I totally agree with you Charlotte…

  7. Martin says:

    wow yea i agree with Charlotte as well. I think its hugely problematic for a man to write a letter to women basically saying he knows the secret to happiness and it includes having a man dominate you. This type of relationship is based on dependency and control, not autonomy and nurturing. Sadly it is perpetuated not only by men but also by women in many ways. David you are speaking from your heart and appreciate that. You have good points about being "open" but then you dismisses the power of relationships – so in a way you are defeating your own argument. It reads more like an advertisement and less someone trying to engage all women in a conversation about the dominant patriarchal model. If you are sincere about this then there is still time to research, learn more, challenge yourself and write a response.

  8. […] hint I liked a dominant lover, I was 23 and being kissed hard, pressed against a wall, my hair gripped tightly in his […]