October 3, 2012

Environmental Desires: Yogarupa Rod Stryker & the Gandhi of Eco.

“Our body is a map to our own spiritual development, and at the same time a worldview where everything that we find and cultivate power to embody more of what is sacred can really transform those challenges that we face into understanding and fulfillment.” ~ Yogarupa Rod Stryker

We welcomed elephant journal’s very own Lynn Hasselberger, founder of myEARTH360.com, who joined us to talk about advocacy and service, and Yogarupa Rod Stryker, founder of Para Yoga enlightened us with wise words of Tantra in honor of the very first three-day tantra immersion, currently happening at the Yoga Journal Conferences in Estes Park, CO.

Lynn talked about her passion for advocacy, service and helping others. The causes most near and dear to her heart—clean water, environmental and human rights. She also admitted that she has a social media addiction. In fact, her first post here on elephant journal was about just that: “A social media addiction can be a good thing if you are out there tweeting meaningful things. And in the end, it’s about finding a balance.”

Her Guru Advice for being present throughout the day?

“I write a couple of pages around anything that is on my mind each morning, and allow it to direct my actions.” 

She said that while she may not have the funds to help causes, she does have the reach to help many. What an awesome affirmation that anyone can use!

“Start with whatever talents you do have and use that.”

Lynn’s passion for the environment began about 11 years ago when her son was born. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth sparked her to do more so she started an environmental campaign at her son’s school. Plastic water bottles were everywhere, so she purchased 1400 reusable water bottles that she assumed would sell out during her educational campaign. They didn’t, and MyEarth360 was born.

“Is this or is that going to save the earth? Well maybe not, but do one thing and let it lead to other things.” ~ Lynn Hasselberger

And then came Yogarupa Rod Stryker:

Widely considered to be one of the preeminent yoga and meditation teachers in the United States, Rod is renowned for his depth of knowledge, practical wisdom and unique ability to transmit the deepest aspect of the teachings and practices to modern audiences and students from all walks of life.

He spoke to us of the upcoming Tantra Immersion at Yoga Journal, as well as educating us on the gem of Tantra as a life practice. If you’ve never heard Rod speak, this show is an absolute must listen. He is an amazingly brilliant and phenomenal teacher. In talking about the Yoga Journal Tantra Immersion, Rod spoke to the fact that it will be a unique event under the single heading of Tantra, but part of the value is that all of the teachers/speakers have distinct differences in the lineages they’ve come from.

“It speaks to the tapestry of the profound reach of Tantra,” said Rod. “The ripening and growth of yoga will be through the practice of Tantra.”

“We have little understanding of the power tantra can have. It’s a body of knowledge that has to be unlocked by a good teacher. Tantra increases our capacity to increase our intentions.” Tantra = Science. Tantra = Technology. Think about anything you are looking at. There was a process to get there—make a phone, electricity, car—herein lies the secret and power of Tantra.

Rod Stryker has studied and practiced yoga for 35 years, beginning at the tender age of 17. He believes the key to his becoming the teacher he is today is because of his living teacher: “The transmission of knowledge is more important than the knowledge itself.”

“We need power. We need understanding that is bigger than our problems. It’s about how everything fits together. Our body is a map to the world.” (This is Tantra.)

“Our body is a map to our own spiritual development, and at the same time a worldview where everything that we find and cultivate power to embody more of what is sacred can really transform those challenges that we face into understanding and fulfillment.”

“Look to the signs, then get courageous. By pushing your own boundaries, by being willing to set the idea the you must push beyond your patterns, that you loosen your attachments, your insistence that what you understand is true, that the more you can let go of that, there is a resonant effect on those you teach.” ~ Yogarupa Rod Stryker’s Guru Advice for Yoga Teachers

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Lynn Hasselberger Oct 9, 2012 7:08pm

Thank you so much for having me on the show! And now this wonderful post. Honored!! xo

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