How Cyber-Bullies Drove Amanda Todd to Death. {Heartbreaking Video}

Via Lori Ann Lothian
on Oct 16, 2012
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Fifteen-year-old Amanda Todd killed herself last week after two years of relentless online bullying, started by one person hell-bent on destroying a young girl’s life.

Yesterday, my 13-year-old daughter (and many of her friends) wore pink to school in a show of solidarity for Amanda, whose only crime was the mistake (in grade 7) of flashing her breasts to a webcam. A year later, the bully appeared with threats to share that photo of Amanda with all of her Facebook friends and family. It only got worse from there.

Below is Amanda’s own YouTube video, created only five weeks before she was found dead at 6 p.m. in her parents’ home in Port Coquitlam, B.C. She tells her story better than I can. Get ready to cry. But more so, perhaps get ready to make a difference in the world.

Because, beyond the call for justice, Amanda’s last message is a clarion call for kindness.

Here is a link to a wildfire petition, asking Canadian police to “Arrest Cyber Bullies Responsible for Amanda Todd’s Death.”



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10 Responses to “How Cyber-Bullies Drove Amanda Todd to Death. {Heartbreaking Video}”

  1. May says:

    I was shocked to see so many comments on her video blaming her – Blaming the Victim. SHE WAS A CHILD -12 years old initially when she was predated upon. She was helpless to know how to handle an aggressive adult threatening and extorting her. And it went on for years.
    – The comments blame her for her predator's actions.
    – God forbid he is responsible for his actions – the victim is always to blame.
    – They are projecting his actions onto her, calling her a slut and a whore and saying that she deserved all of this.
    – The bully has rallied his "community" around him to attack his victim even further.
    THESE are all typical bully behavior. They won't stop until their target either shuts up, goes away or, in this case, kills herself.

    She is DEAD. She's not coming back. And the bully's loyal community still attacks…

  2. Muks says:

    This story really upsets me. I have been through some bullying and I can understand that it can get so much that the victim cannot see any way out. There are some immensely stupid comments out there, and I wonder if those who call themselves Christian have missed the part in the bible which is about Jesus. Still, I have the impression those comments are lessening, maybe people are either bored by now or understanding what they were writing.

  3. kris says:

    ABSOLUTELY agree with you May, very well said!

  4. skk says:

    Anyone know what the song playing in the background is?

  5. Mari says:

    Is that really her in the video? And did anyone find out who the guy who started all of it is? Her parents had have known what was going on. It's very sad. It seems like things could have been handled before they got as bad as they did.

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