If she survives, we’ll come for her again.

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Thousands rally for Pakistani girl shot by Taliban – ISLAMABAD — Tens of thousands have rallied in Pakistan’s largest city in support of a 14-year-old girl shot and critically wounded by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education and criticizing the militant group.


Bored at School, America? Here’s why we call our annoyances “First World Problems.”

She’s just a girl.

And, already, a leader important enough to (barely) survive an assassination attempt by the woman-hating Taliban.

She became famous at the age of 12 for campaigning for education for children, including girls. A few days ago, the Taliban targeted her for assassination, shooting her on a bus (and shooting two others, as well).

This, from a few years ago:

I think of it often and imagine the scene clearly. Even if they come to kill me, I will tell them what they are trying to do is wrong, that education is our basic right.

For more, click over to The New Yorker.

Via the NY Times:

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8 Responses to “If she survives, we’ll come for her again.”

  1. earthsky23 says:

    so moved by this report … will be well forwarded … bless you ………

  2. joyce says:

    What a remarkable young woman. What else can be done to support the education of these girls?

    • Timmy_Robins says:

      For starters , get rid of Islam …not going to happen though.

      • Robin Turner says:

        Maybe the Taliban should just start taking their prophet a bit more seriously. "Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim man and woman." "If a daughter is born to a person and he brings her up, gives her a good education and trains her in the arts of life, I shall myself stand between him and hell-fire." "A person who has a female slave in charge and takes steps to give her a sound education and trains her in arts and culture, and then frees her and marries her, he will be doubly rewarded."

      • Carolina Fernandez says:

        Islam is not the problem but rather, the misinterpretations fueled by ego, political agendas and hate.

  3. […] they hate on it, which is kinda…funny. We blog about bad news here on elephant—like, say, this—should we ignore such? No. Awareness is the beginning of waking up. The bad, sad, tragic news of […]

  4. Linda V. Lewis says:

    Thank you Waylon for the article and video. The Swat Valley is indeed Paradise Lost. It was once the Kingdom of Shambhala , an enlightened realm in which both the king and his citizens created an enlightened society than inspired so much of ancient Asia. Once peaceful, now in this Dark Age it is a realm of brutality and carnage delivered by the Taliban. Malala and the 50,000 girls of Pakistan deserve an education. No one deserves to live in such fear and violence, to see towns turned into ghost towns littered with bodies. This small girl and her father are amazing social activists, following the lead of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and others as a moral voice in the world. I hope she recovers in England. It is sad that shooting her in the head and making her a martyr is what is making her cause more known in the world.

  5. view site says:

    Malala Yousufzai is one of the trending topics in the media. Moreover, she has been nominated to the Nobel Prize in 2013 and is a victim of an attack in Islamabad. I was so happy to hear that thousands of people gathered for the showing the support for Malala.

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