Meditatus Interruptus. ~ Lori Wald Compton

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on Oct 16, 2012
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Sometimes it goes like this.

I sit in my chair, take five or six diaphragmatic breaths. I imagine a light shining out from behind my eyes, sinus cavity, ears and mouth. I relax my jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, spine, both legs and feet. I hear my mantra in my head and start to bring thoughts to my heart.

I see the light that is between my eyes and start to imagine that flowing down to my heart.

I hear the phone ring. I think, “This might be Carol. I always answer the phone when Carol calls, no matter what.” I answer and it is Carol. She needs to talk and I need to listen. When we hang up I sit down again in my chair. I take three diaphragmatic breaths, a quick body scan to re-relax and search for the light between my eyes. I remember the mantra, I’m back in. The dog barks and continues to bark. I convince myself that outside noises can happen and I can still stay inside my meditation.

I put supreme concentration on bringing the light towards my heart.

The dog barks again.

The door next to my chair, that opens to the outside, rattles. I open my eyes and a repairman is standing at the door and looking at me. I think he is more startled than I am. He apologizes for disturbing me and I let him in. I move to another room. I sit down on the couch. I take one breath, see the light that is my third eye, find my mantra and sit. The dog barks–I sit.


Lori Wald Compton started a daily meditation practice in February of 2012. She blogs about her journey at






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4 Responses to “Meditatus Interruptus. ~ Lori Wald Compton”

  1. awf says:

    Gotta get that dog some cookies

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  3. Lori Wald Compton says:

    Last week, he ate an entire bag of Whoppers. He survived that fine, but is looking pretty fat.

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