Yoga Journal Estes: Rod Stryker and Sianna Sherman. ~ Travis Robinson

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on Oct 4, 2012
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Our path in Tantric practice is to Shine!

“The more radiant you become, the more the one source of radiance is drawn to you.” In other words, your shining attracts the Source of all shining, and “She walks with you the more you start being like Her.”

Now one may ask how we get to this place of shining? The short answer, of course, is simple: Through yoga! Rod explained that in Tantra, like many other forms of yoga, we hold all as sacred. Yoga is everything at once and it encompasses and blends many practices including mantra, mudra, meditation and asana, amongst other Tantric practices which help us cultivate and hold Prana. For this reason, today, our lecture and practice revolved around Durga, the Hindu Goddess who embodies fierce compassion as the Divine Mother.

Durga’s fierceness is the activation of grace, surging and moving us forward, finally asking us if the results of our life are satisfactory. If not, then She says to go in and change the sequence and step into the change with fierce compassion. We cultivate this energy by incorporating the Durga mantra into our practice. As we do poses we chant the mantra “Om Dum Durgaye Namaha” on the out-breath.

The warning here is that Durga practice is intense and can awaken a lot very quickly. But then, the point is made that the times we’re
living in are Durga times, so we should meet our lives with a certain amount of fierce compassion to transform and be clear with the gifts we are destined to bring forth.

All I know is that I’m cracking open and we just got started.



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  1. greateacher says:

    thank you

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  3. […] Rod Stryker started my day off with “The Secrets of Pranayama” class. My current pranayama practice is remedial to say the least. Once every other eon it strikes my fancy to consciously focus upon this practice at my home. With my asana practice the pranayama aspect is always prevalent, but not with the kind of intention that Stryker created at the beginning of class. The message was for mixed ears, but identified primary areas of one’s breath that are often in need of attention. First, the audible Ujjayi (victorious) breath is too often analogous to Darth Vader gasps during class. Elevation in intensity of this breathing practice instantaneously promotes the practitioner to an official space cadet and increases anxiety. When Stryker walked the class through this hyperbolic exemplification, I couldn’t even keep my face straight. The forced air upon my throat was hilarious for some reason, particularly knowing that this happens in yoga studios across the world on a regular basis. With a more muted level of Ujjayi breath, heard solely by the practitioner, one is able to relax and open up significantly more. […]

  4. […] Yoga Journal Estes: Rod Stryker and Sianna Sherman. ~ Travis Robinson […]