Do You Really Need to Practice Yoga in a Studio?

Via Dianne Bondy
on Nov 8, 2012
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I don’t know about the rest of the world, but sometimes I find getting to the mat can be difficult.

Maybe it’s season change or my many excuses, none of which are valid, that are holding me back. I’m even having a hell of a time getting my Yoga Teacher Training students to participate in the studio where they are training. It seems to me to be so strange that you want to teach yoga but don’t want to be part of your local studio or community. If you don’t connect with local community who are you going to teach too?

Here are five reason you should practice yoga at a studio:

1. Human connection! It’s very important to be part of a vibrant community and to chat with like minded individuals.

2. You could use some help with your poses. You may not realize it, but your butt is sagging during Chaturanga and your  knees are hyper extended in Uttanasana. A well qualified compassionate teacher will help with your alignment and form. Proper alignment and form can make the difference between a lifelong practice of injury free yoga and giving up on your practice because of pain and injury.

3. It’s good for you to get out of the house and learn something new. When you practice alone all the time you get stale and you tend not to try new things.

4. It keeps you on your mat. Find a friend at yoga and commit to coming three times a week. Yoga with a friend keeps you motivated.

5. You open up to new experiences by participating in workshops and community events. Yoga is an investment in you, and consequently that becomes an investment in the world.

The biggest message I took away from reading the Gita for the 10th time is action!

Stop talking and start doing. Your life isn’t going to live itself!


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8 Responses to “Do You Really Need to Practice Yoga in a Studio?”

  1. Edward Staskus says:

    Although I agree with all your reasons, especially the first two, I would add that practicing at a studio a few times a week, or more, keeps studios viable, which is important because they are the primary portals through which yoga is transmitted.

  2. greateacher says:

    wow, why are yoga teacher trainees not practicing yoga? That sounds like an ineffective program. It should simlpy be mandatory as part of the program that a number – 5?- or so classes be taken at the studio weekly. There should be a low fee or the classes included.
    NO yoga teacher trained should be not practing wiht community, other students and no teachers. Rewrite those requirements. You ar e the certifying teacher. You can give the cert or NOT.

  3. greateacher says:

    Also I am confused re the article and the title not matching.. you have a general article about why or why not to practice in a studio.. yet the issue of yoga teacher trainees who dont practice to me, is scandalous and needs change.

  4. Dianne says:

    So true Edward.. as a studio owner it amazing to see everyone interact in the space

  5. Dianne says:

    I agree I made it mandatory to practice in the studio. I refused to sign their certificate of completion with a certain number of classes in the studio. They get it. I refused to contribute to non practicing yoga teachers! We all need walk the walk and talk the talk…

  6. Dianne says:

    I was trying to illustrate how all of us fall off the wagon of practicing together even teacher trainees…I rectified the situation. They totally get it now. Rededicated to the mat…most of them were practicing at home.

  7. greateacher says:

    well practicing at home is nto good for teacher trainees.. if they are doign the same thign over and over without correction and without the group learnign which should happen in a class in which they observe the teacher adjusting others, words, pauses, changes, mistakes etc..

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