Good work, Hillary.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 21, 2012
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A video from yesterday:


Israel and Palestinians Agree to a Truce (

And just in time for the Holy-days, when more than ever we’re reminded of the foundation of a just society that is provided only by “Peace on Earth.”

Love and strength to both sides. .Let’s remember that the simplicity of the wish “Can’t we all just get along” is far more profound than war, pain, loss, trauma, unnecessary civilian suffering.

Via the New York Times (click anywhere below for full article):

Gaza Cease-Fire to Begin Shortly, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Says

The cease-fire, announced with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. Eastern time.

The cease-fire, which was to take effect at 9 p.m. local time (2 p.m. EST), was formally announced by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr of Egypt at a news conference here. It appeared to avert an escalating battle between Palestinians and Israelis that had threatened to turn into wider war.

“This is a critical moment for the region,” Mrs. Clinton, who rushed to the Middle East late Tuesday in an intensified effort to halt the hostilities…

…The negotiators reached an agreement after days of nearly nonstop Israeli aerial assaults on Gaza, the Mediterranean enclave run by Hamas, the militant Islamist group, which had fired hundreds of rockets into Israel from an arsenal it has been amassing in the aftermath of the three-week Israeli invasion four years ago.


From my friend, Tamar:

A terrorist who wanted to “get his point across” just bombed a public bus full of innocent unarmed civilians in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Denver, Miami, and Washington D.C….ah, no, wait. It just happened in Tel-Aviv. I am not ok with the argument that this terror is justified by any means. Lucky for me, it’s not the bus I take to work everyday. Those affected, my prayers are with you and for all of the innocent souls affected by fanatical terrorists. May peace and love prevail.


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3 Responses to “Good work, Hillary.”

  1. paul says:

    The whole episode seems staged around elections. I hope this is over forever, or at least a long time. Killing Ahmed Jabari was also to "get a point across" as the killers tweeted.

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