If you ever doubt Basic Human Goodness… {Videos}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 21, 2012
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Love is Actually Everywhere. Often it’s not particularly dignified and newsworthy, but it’s there.

Basic Goodness.

I was kindly picked up yesterday at the airport by my friend Jeanne. She brought my dog, Red, who I miss horribly when I’m on the road, as a surprise. Having been traveling for 11 hours, they were a welcome site. I spent maybe 10 minutes on the Denver International Airport floor, hugging and wrestling Red and talking happily with Jeanne. As we went to get up and go home, we both paused and just watched folks hug and greet one another for awhile. I remarked that if anyone doubted human nature, all they had to do was wait at the airport and watch families and friends and loved ones hug and rejoice and cry for awhile.

And she said “that reminds me of Love Actually.” So I looked the videos up.


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6 Responses to “If you ever doubt Basic Human Goodness… {Videos}”

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