November 7, 2012

Obama’s tweet one minute after the election was called.

The most RT’d tweet of 2012, instantly.


> Colorado called for President Obama.

> CBS calls it! Ohio for Obama!

> Update: we’re close. Electoral College: 256, 203. 270 is victory. Oregon, Iowa go Obama.

Update: spread the word:

> Florida: still counting, only 16K votes separate the candidates. Obama up 4 now. Decisive moment coming.

> via Newsweek: AP calls the win for Tammy Baldwin. She’ll be the first openly gay senator to be elected.

> my version: “Sorry, Todd Akin: when you’re a legitimate extremist, the American People have a way of voting you out.”

> Networks Call Wisconsin for Obama.

> If Romney doesn’t win Florida and Ohio, it’s Game Over.

> Senate: Indiana goes D. And McCaskill takes out Akin!

> Obama takes NH (New York Times)

> Romney takes Utah, Montana. No surprises there. But: ABC calling Nevada leaning for Obama. A bit early, but would be big.

> Obama takes Wisconsin, as expected (Networks Project)

> on CBS, Warren projected to beat Brown! Huge for Senate balance. Both great candidates in diff ways.

> 157, 153 on CBS: first time I’ve seen Obama in Electoral College lead since the outset.

> On Fox, they’re calling VA for Romney. Not a surprise.

> Holy Wow! This is big: Obama projected to win (ABC) Pennsylvania 20 Electoral College Swing state. This could be it…tough path to victory for Romney to Electoral 270 votes! He’d have to carry VA, FLA, Wisconsin etc…tough.

> “Dead silence in Romney ballroom when Fox News announces that he lost Michigan, his native state where his late father was governor.”

@AshleyRParker on Twitter

> Still, no big surprises:

President Obama wins Maryland and Maine; Mitt Romney wins Southern states Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.

> Nervous? Losing your grip? If you’re an Obama supporter, generally, this video from last night is powerful: Off message, shedding a tear: Barack Hussein Obama’s last campaign rally, ever. {Video}

> this is the image on screens at Obama’s election night party. The image will take on different hue depending on whether it’s a victory party, or a defeat.

> NBC has Romney up in Electoral College. Still meaningless, as it’s early in the night, with no big surprises either way, but it’s by a decent margin.

> Watching PBS, C-Span, Fox, NY Times, Wash Post live coverage…Fox was just talking, if only for a moment, re hypothetical of Obama victory, bipartisanship…didn’t see that coming.

>This is big for the Senate balance, which is big for Obama: despite being hugely outspent, looks like a Chris Murphy (D) just won, replacing Lieberman.

>Obama’s up in Electoral College, for now, which is largely meaningless—no swing states are in yet—as the two candidates begin their win-or-lose climb toward the magic number: 270.

>No surprises yet: Obama wins deep blue Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware + District of Columbia. Romney wins  Indiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina and looks good in Florida (which is a big and key swing state).

Click here for Nate Silver’s live blogging. You know, Mr. 5-30-8, the best pollster nerd in the world.

A few states have closed for one candidate or the other—no surprises on tight contests yet.

I’ll update this blog constantly with observations, interesting things I hear/read, links, articles, videos, whatever I run across or observe. ~ ed.

Tune in: online.

I’m watching on NYTimes.com, where they have live coverage, and are far less hype-ish than CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, and certainly Fox or MSNBC.

But this might be the first election night when We the People can watch all of the above online. Click over to Wired for all links:

ABC News: Live election coverage starts at 7:00 PM ET on ABC’s YouTube channel.

CBS News: Coverage begins at 7:00 PM ET on CBS’s UStream feed.

NBC News: The feed begins at (surprise!) 7:00 PM ET on NBC’s XBox app, as well as on the network’s Democracy Plaza site.

CNN: As of Tuesday afternoon, CNN’s start time for live coverage on live.cnn.com and the network’s various apps was TBD. But don’t worry. They’ll flood the zone.

Fox News: Live coverage begins at 8:00 PM ET on the Fox News website.

PBS NewsHour: Enjoy election coverage to the dulcet tones of Jim Lehrer.

C-SPAN: Live streaming election coverage starts at 8:00 PM ET, and includes closed captioning.

Univision: Spanish speakers can get their fix through Univision’s YouTube channel starting at 7:00 PM ET.

The New York Times: The NYT is dropping its paywall for 24 hours beginning at 6:00 PM ET, and providing a livestream of the proceedings from inside the newsroom.

The Washington Post: You can also follow along with WaPo’s dedicated UStream page.


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