The Yoga Way to Deal with Anger & stay Young.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 6, 2012
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We posted this 19 minutes ago. It (the intro, not the article, which is excellent, and a hit) made me gag.

Luckily, Jay of Yoga for Cynics, a writer, yoga, and elephriend of ours, had brought some cutting humor to the table:

Yoga for Cynics: Everybody in the yoga crowd knows that the proper way of dealing with anger is to repress it and then passively aggressively let it out at everyone we meet under the guise of being positive…


Amen, Jay. Here in Boulder, Colorado, where I live—I can’t go two minutes without someone advised someone to “think positive.” ‘Cause it’s easier to imagine happy than to feel the present moment?

Yoga is about breathing through, not avoiding and holding breath.

That will keep us young. Not pushing away stress, and clinging to pleasure—which is counter to the spiritual path, and the work of our own, deceptive, sweet, sticky ego. Rather, Pema Chodron advises, we practice the precise opposite.



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4 Responses to “The Yoga Way to Deal with Anger & stay Young.”

  1. Thanks for pointing that out, Waylon. My intention was similar to what you wrote here (and the FB intro was my life lesson #4–gag!) but I'm not as well versed in "yoga speak." (Learning!) Breathing through our feelings, painful or joyful, is definitely a must. Shoving anger under the carpet, masking it with unicorn sauce and clinging to it until we die (forever resenting those who made you angry)? Unhealthy. Hold on to anger (recognizing it, accepting it for what it is, breathing through it) then let it go. That's just me.

  2. You know how much I love unicorn sauce. Especially when there are extra unicorn chunks in it and no one ever admits being sad or angry! Funny to read this while in the midst of writing an angsty post. It isn't "all good" but it's all necessary, it all shapes us, it all is real. I'd rather have someone be genuinely angry at me and talk about it and breathe and be with it and learn than just hang with people with fake smiles pasted on who don't share what's really going on inside.

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