December 19, 2012

Sweet Old Fashioned Goodness. ~ Eric Eccles

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How to Heal the World — One Small Act at a Time

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Life is what you make it,” right? Well, if this is true then why is it that most of us in this day and age have so much stress, anxiety and torment in our lives?

In the past few years, with an economic downfall that has trickled into most every home around the world, affecting our family, friends and our own livelihoodsin one way or another, it’s hard to stay upbeat and positive for most of us.

However, believe it or not, in recent months a shift in awareness has really taken off around the world. The shift I’m talking about is one of consciousness towards helping others. Have you noticed since most of us have been humbled by our financial stature and/or social class, we’ve collectively been a little nicer to each other?

Nothing like a little sweet old-fashioned goodness; it’s contagious isn’t it?

Today more and more people everywhere are beginning to take a little deeper look inside themselves and worrying a little less about the things they possess over which they have control. Many are finding ways to give back whether through charity or just simple gestures of kindness toward their neighbors, friends and even strangers.

Actually it’s pretty amazing when you think about it, because when the going gets tough the tough don’t just get going, they find ways to come together and even though they have less, they give more. Amazing, isn’t it?

Many of us around the world unconsciously condition ourselves to always have something to complain about or stress over, even things we have no control over, we somehow find a way to get all worked up and sometimes make ourselves mentally or physically sick.

We can only find comfort in chaos for so long until the bottom falls out, and something positive or good happens to us or someone around us. It’s at these times that we begin to pay attention to our lives and try to find meaningful purpose and bliss.

So I pose the question to you the reader, are you paying attention to your life, or are you stammering around with the rest of the worry warthogs out there? OK! Tough question to answer maybe, but I’m sure it made you think a little bit, didn’t it?

The truth is that we are the sum of all of our own thoughts, so why not start paying attention to those thoughts and begin changing our lives from the inside out?

Here’s a little experiment that I would like you to try: write down on a piece of paper, right now, one act of random kindness that you can do today for someone, anyone and follow through. This could be opening the door for your mother, allowing a pedestrian to cross before barreling down the road or one as powerful as giving a genuine hug to someone that needs it.

Afterwards, notice your state of mind, and more importantly notice your attitude toward other situations or experiences following this random act of kindness.

Now realize, that one simple gesture that you made towards helping that one person will trickle right back into the world tenfold. You and that simple action of sweet old-fashioned goodness, that you consciously made, is collectively helping all of us live a better life daily.

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So I guess when you really think about it, your little expressions of compassion or goodness, really mean that you have the power to and are a huge and important part of, changing the world’s attitude.


Eric Eccles a.k.a. C.A. Human is the author of “A Lifestyle Worth Living…”, Founder of GenerationAwareness.org, The E2mpower Yoga Project and Inventor, patent holder of the Namaste Bench Kit at NamasteBench.com. Eric is a 23 year veteran of the wellness industry, a certified Holsitic Fitness Practitioner, Yoga Instructor RYT, Meditation Coach, Master P.T. and moon lights as a professional Fire Fighter/E.M.T every third day for 24 hours in his free time.



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