December 3, 2012

Turning Inward with the Winter. ~ Melanie Dawn

As I sit to write today, I am, indeed, turning inward.

Feeling into my present moment, perhaps gently reflecting on past adventures and dreaming of future endeavors, allows me a place to slow, to listen and hear guidance, to accept everything just the way it is, to simply be.

As the seasons turn, we may find a quiet time and space to draw into our center, exploring our higher self, connecting with the infinite and losing physical limitations. There we will discover a space where there is no time, no boundaries, no expectations to be achieved.

When we let ourselves settle, we are inviting a certain serenity to come and live. We are asking our mind to slow, our breath to flow, our health to be rejuvenated and balanced. We turn inward for the peace it brings and the love that accompanies it. We tune in to what is the best of us, the simplest, the most divine. We rely on ourselves in times of need and sorrow for solace, in times of happiness for fuller expression, and in times of chaos to soothour soul with the warmth that our source provides.

We can experience that which the outside world cannot offer nor explain—our true identity and self in its fullest expression. From this place, we may embody and bring back to our physical daily living a higher presence and awareness toward all beings, toward Mother Earth and toward any circumstance, allowing us to then move with more ease and effortlessness in all we do.

Provide yourself with a sacred space—bring a blanket, play peaceful music, use all that makes you feel comfortable.

Allow yourself release from outside influences, expectations, schedules and struggles by accepting your own heartfelt gift of a few moments to purely let go of everything. Use a guided meditation, or simply let your heart open to what is, and gaze into the realm of infinite possibilities.

During winter season, while we are surrounded in more hours of darkness, allow yourself the gift of quiet to tune in to the light and your highest presence by turning inward and simply letting yourself be.

Blessings of abundance to all of you during this peaceful season.


Melanie Dawn, RYT 200, aka ‘Mel’ of SANGHAYOGA.CA has found there is some poetry within her after all and is happy to be able to share it with others through writing. A lover of peace, freedom, motorcycles, big smiles and belly dancing, yoga has been her constant conscience & guide even when she wasn’t conscious of it (thankfully!) and feeds her in ways that chocolate (unfortunately) cannot satisfy. Just playing with pose, working with breath, enjoying the harmony and spirit evoked through moving meditation brings immense pleasure. Her inspirational style of teaching accompanied by her strong yet velvety voice promotes an effortless flow in class and keeps yogis “reaching higher every day.”



Editor: Olivia Gray



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