The Best Places to Be when the World Ends.

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Photo: Alaskan Dude

So you’ve been planning your escape route.

Figuring out where all the exit doors are. Talking to your friends about the highest energy vortexes on the planet. Buying your tickets, finding the hard to reach festival and overall just fidgeting with the idea that this could be the biggest month of your human life?

Don’t worry you’re probably fairly alone. There are about seven billion people on the planet and most of them are moving forward with life as normal. No end to their calendar, no pause in the harvesting of rice, sewing of shirts, programming of video games, and building of car engines; that’s right, business as usual for most of the planet.

But if you’re tuned in to new age consciousness, even if you’ve had some exposure to mainstream media, movies and books, you know some are predicting the end of time. Most of these predictions are based on the Mayan Calendar ending ending on this winter solstice, December 21, 2012. Interpretations of the calendar’s conclusion include such theories as “the end of the world.” Others speculate it is simply a time of great transition, the start of a new age.

You know the usual: polar icecaps melting, environmental catastrophe, nuclear annihilation, resulting impact of a huge asteroid, and huge DNA leaps that will evolve our consciousness. If we’re lucky, and all goes well, the earth will start to spin in the opposite direction. Honestly, the prophecy doesn’t sound all that bad. We could use a new tail wind. The question is where are you going to be when enlightenment hits?

So concerned about the places and the people you’re surrounded by, it could be really easy to miss the bigger picture. We do live in miraculous times. But the time when the first semblance of life began to bubble out of the sea and started to walk on land was also quite miraculous. In fact, when humans first started wielding fire and then later the wheel, these were probably individually as large steps as landing a rover on Mars.

One clearly permits the other, and miracles cannot be judged on size, weight or how many people know that they even happened.

The bigger picture is that each of us is a significant miracle. Our inner lives. What drives you? What motivates you? What are you living for? This all needs to be examined. But honestly this needs to happen all year round, in each century. There is no difference between what we should be doing in December 2012 and what we were doing in December 2002. The fact remains time won’t stop. Humans might have a big hiccup, or a collective self-realization, but evolution doesn’t happen overnight, and one day, month, nor year will be any more responsible for changing the course of history.

So I won’t be the guy that tells you to stay away from the ocean, tall buildings, or go to a pyramid (although all these sound like good ideas too). Instead, I’m going to encourage you to let go of your fear, have faith in yourself and humanity’s infinite potential. Know that your inner-world, thoughts, and dreams are quickly manifested in reality. This anticipated time of December 2012 is simply great motivation to help one align the head with the heart and to stop procrastinating.

Mentally, emotionally and spiritually sound are all the best places in the world to be.

For those who want more concrete December 2012 guidelines toward enlightenment, here are a few. It’s purposely not exhaustive, so leave your own additions in the comment section if you’re inspired:

1) Each place is equally as holy. There is no place in the world that is more “highly charged” than another. This is a perception based on subjective reality. So don’t feel stressed out about getting somewhere or being somewhere other than where you are.

2) Don’t worry about the end of time. Time has no beginning or end. It’s all a transition and a few days/years before or after the 21st of December isn’t going to change what is most important in life.

3) Free yourself from the anxiety that you have to be doing something special. You are special, simply by sitting there and drinking a cup of tea and witnessing the moon go by.

4) Stay reflective. Begin to identify destructive habits. Create a vision board for your life. Although I sincerely doubt it will happen, imagine this is the last month for you to live. What would you do differently in the short time that you have left? Now go ahead and do it.


Ed: Kate B.


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HawaH is an artist, author, educator, yoga teacher and community organizer. In the year 2000, he co-founded One Common Unity, a non-profit organization that inspires a culture of non-violence through arts, media and music.
He has released four books, two musical CD’s, and produced three documentary films. His fourth book, The Poetry Of Yoga, is a 2 volume anthology set featuring the writing of 300+ yogi poets from 19 different countries. In his spare time he enjoys: finding new foods to mix with chocolate, climbing trees and buildings, doing handstands on furniture, hiking through mountains with flip flops, body surfing ocean waves, making animal sounds and bird calls, enjoying a glass of wine at high altitude, lighting candles in dark rooms and traveling. His personal work can be discovered at Everlutionary.

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anonymous Sep 13, 2013 1:01am


anonymous Dec 21, 2012 3:15am

[…] universal consciousness: the consciousness that you and I share. This is the true viewpoint. So, maybe the world ending is a good […]

anonymous Dec 12, 2012 7:23pm

[…] Best Places to be When the World Ends […]

anonymous Dec 9, 2012 4:53am

Just read an article about NASA's recent stance here:

Well said… "Unfortunately, added Morrison, this fantasy (that the world is going to end) has real-life consequences. As one of NASA’s most prominent 2012 doomsday myth speakers, Morrison said he receives numerous emails and letters from people who are worried about the coming apocalypse; most of these letters are from the younger generation. Some of the more notable letters come from people who say they cannot eat, are too worried to sleep, and some who even go as far as to admit they are having thoughts of suicide, he said.

Although these people should have nothing to fear, they have been led to believe the world is in fact coming to an end, and it is wreaking havoc on their well-being.

“I think it’s evil for people to propagate rumors on the Internet to frighten children,” Morrison said.

anonymous Dec 7, 2012 12:33am

You don’t actually believe in the theory of evolution do you???

That we came from ocean life forms and all that monkey business?


    anonymous Dec 9, 2012 2:42am

    i'm not sure. If i was alive then i might have a more concrete answer for you. I'm having a hard time remembering how i grew feet from my fins! it seems to make a lot of sense in lots of ways though…. some people refer to it as fact others as theory… i refer to it as the past… and would like to stay evolving on my personal journey!

anonymous Dec 5, 2012 5:25am

Wonderful and good reminders!

We search to be somewhere special (I know I have), but often fail to see that we are that special someone…

    anonymous Dec 9, 2012 6:23am

    now we just have to redefine special education:)

anonymous Dec 3, 2012 6:54pm

Dear HawaH,
Thank you for this piece/peace you're bringing to this dialogue, for the intuition and sensitivity it gives to the many conversations, musings, plans, non-plans…wherever folks may be. Now is always the best time to lift your consciousness, to realize that you're not the singular drop but in fact the whole ocean, and to align our individual potentials/heart's desires/intentions to be in and harmony with greater cycles. Big smiles to you reading this today.

    anonymous Dec 9, 2012 2:44am

    Thanks Jaime for your reminder of the greater cycles! affecting us all.

anonymous Dec 3, 2012 8:55am

I'd like to be peacefully at home when that time comes. I don't want to be worried or anxious like you said in your article. There's a lot to think about and reflect on…

    anonymous Dec 9, 2012 2:45am

    Then you're already there:)—-that's awesome.javascript: postComment(1);

anonymous Dec 3, 2012 1:47am

It's an important intersection… and honestly I don't know. That is just the only thing I know. I don't know what is aligning with which galactic center, and honestly I don't have control of these objects as they rotate and revolve. What I do know is that my thoughts are powerful, and that if I think and believe in something—then it is more likely to happen.

So if I sincerely believe, and if enough humans sincerely believe that this is a time of great conscious awakening and millions around the world all the sudden begin to place all of their energy into that blossoming, and building small pyramids out of LEGO blocks on their home altars, then clearly, it will precipitate the awakening. And I, at that point, would offer deep gratitude and thanks… dag… I'd even join in!

The difficulty is acknowledging how myopic humans are. Both in science and even spirituality… we have barely scratched the surface of even understanding our physical location in both the Milky Way and the Universe.

    anonymous Dec 3, 2012 1:38pm

    What is important to understand is that there is a difference between not being able (yet) to explain something and deliberately fabricating stories that have the potential to hurt people. There is nothing factual about these 2012 stories .

    There is no galactic or planetary alignment whatsoever all these stories have been debunked by scientists with appropriate tools and knowledge .

    What is true though is that a lot of people are making a lot of money from this, including all the charlatans that created this hoax.

      anonymous Dec 4, 2012 9:56am

      Not only physical scientists have debunked this 2012 but also anthroplogists and more importantly the "Maya" themselves, at least those Maya who are knowlegdable and stand to not make any money. Remember Y2K? This article wants to have the cake and eat it too, using this 2012 as a foundation for consciousness and "enlightenment" without completely embracing 2012 end of the world scenario. This idea of a "collective self realization" is at the heart of the confusion and this article does more to solidify that confusion. Your summation at the end of the article is good but contradicts this notion of a "harmonic convergence". "Collective Self Realization" is a financial decision made by New Agists.

        anonymous Dec 4, 2012 1:45pm

        Exactly , couldnt agree more!

        anonymous Dec 6, 2012 11:58am

        I hear you… but actually I think we're saying the same thing. Where you see a contradiction, I simply speak to the need to see that 1) harmonic convergence has already happened… always is happening and never is not. Meaning all is as it already must be… some that feel 2012 is the date for this to happen then good, that is needed too. It's the same reason that people have created words like God and Allah and Krishna 2) For those that do have a belief in the "collective self-realization" that is exactly what they need right now to engender their own spirit… this is also good… being that I actually have no idea what is right or wrong… and if God actually exists or not… to some extent we at ultimate reality have nothing more than a feeling to base all of our rationale upon. So the cake was good, and I've left some for you too:….

anonymous Dec 2, 2012 7:13pm

Nice article, HawaH. I concur, it matters NOT where U are, but how U are. I'll also add, the 'pole shift' is personal; we're each invited to shift from fear to love, from insolence to gratitude. I will, personally, be at the archeological zone of Chichen Itza (the location of the Temple of Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl, as pictured at the top of your article) in the Yucatan, as this location is an epicenter to Maya/Aztec culture, designed intentionally to align with the center line of the Milky Way galaxy on Winter Solstice 2012, marking the end of the 13th baktun. According to astronomical measurement, this rare alignment of Earth and our solar system to its closest orientation with the 'galactic equator' occurs only once every 26,000 years. Another point to note is that the Maya weren't solely measuring duration with their calendar; they were/are measuring qualitative leaps in consciousness, hence, the evident shift in consciousness we've presently witnessed and experienced occurring worldwide, and its timeliness according to prerecorded cycles or Ages, no matter the cultural lens through which one perceives. This 'time' it's Universal; and, such a wave is meant 2 be surfed, for those who infer the significance. Sarva Mangalam.

    anonymous Dec 2, 2012 11:24pm

    "According to astronomical measurement, this rare alignment of Earth and our solar system to its closest orientation with the 'galactic equator' occurs only once every 26,000 years"

    It would be interesting to know where your astronomical "measurements" come from …In fact John Jenkins said this more than a decade ago and since then he hasn't been able to provide any evidence to support this assertion…the reason is obvious , he is an author not an astronomer.

    Also, most of what you are saying has been refuted by experts.

anonymous Dec 2, 2012 12:06pm

Great post, HawaH! Just shared on the elephant readers & writers facebook page:


anonymous Dec 2, 2012 11:52am

So on time, so on point, I’ve been feeling exactly this way intuitively. Thank you brother, I truly appreciate this. Just what I needed to read today. Amen

    anonymous Dec 3, 2012 1:35am

    Infinite—-You came to mind many times while I was staying at some monasteries just a few weeks ago in Nepal. Bringing voice to the ALL.

anonymous Dec 2, 2012 5:56am

“. . . miracles cannot be judged on size, weight or how many people know that they even happened. The bigger picture is that each of us is a significant miracle.” LOVE! I enjoyed this article very much! For the record, I’m going to be at Maya Tulum on the solstice, just for the sheer pleasure of the beauty and the company!