Best thing I’ve seen in a month.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 29, 2013
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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert.

Warning: Don’t watch this or you’ll lose 20 minutes and dance on your desk and gain a smile.

If you need to be hugged, felt, bluesed, then lifted, roused, awakened, smiled in and at, then jumped up, party time, laughing…three songs.

>>>———> Click here for official Can’t Hold Us.

> Same Love. (an important, beautiful song)

> Thrift Shop.

This hugged & saved my sad morning and made my happy, grateful afternoon

I had a long, hard day yesterday. Not a bad day, but a sad day. A day to learn from.

We don’t have a lot of money and looks like I lost some of it betting on the wrong horse, as it were.

The first song took my sadness and wove it down, emotionally, through the context of life and humanity and beauty and the much greater and deeper sadnesses all around me.

The second song was fun, joy, rousing, eco-responsible, we’ve blogged both of ’em before (links above).

The third was party time.

And I’m back.

The party that is Ryan and Macklemore is a gift to 2012, 2013. Thanks, boys:

And thanks, NPR! And thanks Jeanne, for the tip. I needed this one, today.

TOP Youtube comment:

I love these guys so much! And I have never seen a hip hop artist look so happy and so grateful for the success he is finally seeing. So many others look like they simply deserve it, even when the best they can come up with is stuff about bitches sucking their dicks. Mack has something to say that so many can relate to, even when it is just funny, like Thrift Shop. And when he sings about trying to stay sober, that shit touches you in ways you never thought possible.


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11 Responses to “Best thing I’ve seen in a month.”

  1. anitawbrown says:

    WOW…so fun and inspirational!!!

  2. Jeanne Eisenhaure says:

    Can’t hold us is SO amazing!

  3. Jeanne Eisenhaure says:

    BTW Pace Goodman of Holiday Blue shared with me this morning, so thank him!

  4. Jennifer White says:

    I love tiny desk concerts. Fun to see this up here today.

  5. Kathy says:

    F_CK Yea! That rocked and pulled me right out of my Vitamin D deficient mood. Thank You!

  6. sheri says:

    that was fun…thanks for posting

  7. Diane says:

    Where have they been all my life? Thank you Elephant Journal for opening my eyes again!

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  9. Laura D says:

    Thanks for sharing, total tonic 🙂

  10. erica says:


  11. Tony says:

    That was outstanding!