January 18, 2013

I’m 99% Sure Patanjali Didn’t Give a List of “Yoga Stuff” We Need to Have.

I can practice pretty much anywhere.

In warm weather, when I go running near the lake, I usually rip off the sweatiest parts of what I’m wearing, do some sun salutations and jump in. I don’t bring a mat; the ground works just fine. I like the yoga gear I’ve accumulated, but realistically, most of it isn’t necessary.

That said, I thought I’d take a look at my bag and see what I’m lugging around in there (though much of my practice is at home).

1. My mat. I’m not a big fan of labels, but I do love my Manduka eKO Lite. It’s eco-friendly and super comfortable.

2. Water bottle. Of course. Take that everywhere. I’ve beaten this one from last year’s Yoga Journal Conference up pretty badly, but it’s still hanging in there.

3. Biofreeze. This is actually sometimes in here and sometimes in my massage bag. Word to the wise, if you have Biofreeze on your hands, don’t ever ever ever touch your face. Really. Don’t do it.

4. My mat cleaner. I make this a spray that’s sort of a jack-of-all-trades: great to spray on your skin to freshen up or if you have a cold, great eco-alternative to Febreeze or air freshener and also great to clean off my mat.

5. My strap. My block used to be in my bag as well. I had a foster dog from a rescue briefly. She ate half of it. Need a new block.

6. Ten thousand pony tail holders. Or, like, at least 12.

7. Massage oil. Not sure why. Always seem to have some around in most bags. Professional hazard.

8. LARA bar or similar. Because, you know, sometimes after a long class I get a little starvacious. And LARA bars are yummy.

Okay, so to keep this from being my most boring update all month, I do have a point.

All of this is helpful. None of this is necessary.

My three favorite yoga accessories or tools?

1. My hip flexors, especially my psoas. Seriously, today, hip flexors—I salute you. You have outdone yourselves. I applaud you for your cooperation and your flexibility.

2. My breath. If you aren’t breathing, it isn’t yoga. Whatever else is going on, however things are going—I can always return to my breath.

3. My heart. It doesn’t matter what brand of yoga pants I’m wearing, who made my mat or what kind of bag I’m lugging all my junk around in if the only strength and openness I have is physical. I am thankful for my heart. I am thankful that even though sometimes it’s tired and I’ve put it through the ringer, it’s still open.


On an unrelated note, this was awesome:

My mornings are usually busy, so it’s nice to just make something easy sometimes that I won’t be a mess or a hassle while I’m working (yes, sometimes I don’t take my own advice and end up eating whilst I edit).

Lunch Smoothie (leave me a better name idea in the comments!)

1/2 an avocado

some Swiss chard

1 cup So Delicious Vanilla coconut milk

1 Tablespoon-ish of raw cacao

1 Tablespoon-ish of chia seeds

Blend and enjoy.


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