January 14, 2013

Make Love to All of Life. ~ Dominique Youkhehpaz

The greatest lover of all time is beckoning you, right now.

Often when we crave sugar, we are really craving the sweetness of a lover, the sweetness of the divine—that deepest state of surrender, playfulness and overflowing love.

Since most of us are not destined to spend the entirety of our lives in bed in our lover’s arms, immersed in ecstasy, or in caves in the arms of the divine, immersed in meditation, we must find creative ways to receive Love’s majesty in daily life.

It can be as simple as shifting our perspective.

Life, indeed, is making love to you in every moment. And for those of us who have ever had an aloof or unresponsive lover, we know that lovemaking is no one-way street. Making out with a cold, dusty wall simply does not do the same justice as a lover who responds to your every gesture, your every invitation, your every touch.

The greatest lover of all time is beckoning you, right now. Are you willing to make love to all of life, or will you turn the other cheek and complain that you’re not in the mood?

With every breath, this lover is swirling inside you, filling you, giving you the deepest kiss you will ever receive.

This lover is in the warmth of your sweater, holding you, hugging your body closely.

She is beneath you in the earth, blessing every step of your journey, taking your weight, drawing you close to her always with the great force that some of us call gravity.

He is above you as the sky, displaying his infinity, holding you with a touch so gentle you mistake it for a breeze. He expands to surround you no matter what the weather—yours or his.

This lover lives inside your dish soap, ready to caress your silverware and bathe together in your kitchen sink.

He is the leaf you pick up from the ground and press against your weary cheek.

She is singing to you, a midnight siren, chirping from the trees or hiding in the grass below, whispering cricket lullabies.

And believe it or not, this lover is present in the logistical conversations that sustain your lovemaking. While you do your taxes or pay your bills, this lover is delighting in your intellect, seducing you to share the fruits of love’s labor with others, enticing you to take study breaks.

With every signature on a check or contract or rental agreement, ink makes love to paper as you draw out the voluptuous curves of your legal name, dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s.

When you stand in line at the DMV or pump gas into your car, right there is the bittersweet taste of waiting that a lover brings—that unbearable, teeth-gritting, yet somehow pleasurable state of almost arriving.

This lover is breathing you, singing you, dancing you, protecting you, playing you, living you, loving you through all of life and for all that you are.

Make love to all of life.

Feel yourself in relationship to all things, and don’t hesitate to stand in awe at the most grand romance of it all—the tragedy, the comedy, the harmony, the cacophony.

Go ahead, dance the next time you hear music played at a café, or blast the volume in your car and sing out.

Smile to yourself when you see a flower growing out of the cracks in the sidewalk, or a child playing in the street.

The next time you sit down to eat, close your eyes and actually taste your food. Feel it massaging your tongue and exalting your taste buds.

Open yourself wildly to the invitation of this moment.

This life is uniquely yours to live. Will you let each moment ravish you to its full potential, or will you sit at the sidelines afraid of a projected rejection?

It may take two to tango, but it takes everything from the cypress tree to the first snowfall in winter, all of life and you, to dance the magic of this great love affair called Life.

All you need to do is open your sweet heart to all of life and start making love. Right now.


Dominique Youkhehpaz is a lover of life and founder of Self-Marriage Ceremonies (www.SelfMarriageCeremonies.com), a pathway for knowing yourself, loving yourself, healing yourself, loving your life, and committing to be the change you wish to see in the world by marrying the love within. She lives in Nevada City, CA and writes a weekly blog about self-love, called Musings (www.SelfMarriageCeremonies.com/Musings).

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