January 18, 2013

The Lesson We can all Learn from Lance Armstrong Now. ~ Ben Ralston

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When I was about 10 years old I was playing with a friend,

Paul, who lived down the street—and I caught him cheating in a game we played. I remember being absolutely bewildered and… furious. It made no sense to my young mind.

I went home and told my parents about it and their pride in me didn’t lessen the pain of being cheated and lied to and abused.

Truth is more important than winning. It’s also more important than reputation or friendship or career or dreams or even love. Because it’s what all of the above are built on.

Take away truth and all you have left is shadows.

Armstrong doesn’t yet get that though. He says he’s sorry, as if those two words alone have some kind of redemptive power. They don’t. They’re just words. And as much as I’d like to believe that words alone have power, they don’t. Without Truth behind them they’re just words.

I very much doubt that his newfound humility is over the wrongs that he’s done. I think he’s sorry that he got caught, and sorry that everything he lied and cheated and abused so hard for is in jeopardy.

So let him be sorry, ban him for life, take away the millions he (more or less) stole, and let’s move on, leaving him to face his shadows.

And he will face those shadows—he’ll have no choice, because the truth always catches up. It’s really all there is, and we can escape it for a while but it’s like trying to swim against the river:

The river (truth) always Wins.


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