What to Do When Your Practice Gets Interrupted Every 30 Seconds.

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Jan 6, 2013
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Ah, Sundays are so relaxing!

Unless you are a 6-year-old and then everything is boring and horrible. Especially when your 8-year-old sister won’t play with you and your mom is doing her yoga practice. Then it sucks.

Poor Finnegan. Lots of Stomping Elephant-asana this morning while I was trying to have a mellow Sunday morning practice before we ski.

Tip of the day:

Interruptions are going to happen. It’s a good thing. We can learn from them.

So, instead of some time with Surya Namaskar B and my mellow playlist:

There was lots of banging, yelling and desire for yoga to be over. So, I tried to get him to participate…

Didn’t go well.

Caroline will practice with me sometimes and loves it. Finn sees it as an unnecessary interruption to the day if it happens while he’s home. He likes forward folds, but then just kind of hangs out there (not a bad thing to do…I do the same thing after I’ve been working on my laptop too long). Then he decided he would just watch. He liked watching for a few minutes, and then got fed up and tried rolling up my mat.

So, I waited until he was otherwise occupied and headed back to it. I could have had my own tantrum or let it throw me off and make me quit for the day, but what good is that?

It isn’t how we respond to life when everything is going smoothly that reveals who we are. It’s how we deal when things are off-balance, how we stay present with groundlessness that counts—in yoga and everything else.

Interruption is good for us.

It shows us what we’re made of.

Do we stay present and respond and adapt? Or do we throw tantrums of our own? (I’ve done both. Always seems to work out better when I do the first one.)


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3 Responses to “What to Do When Your Practice Gets Interrupted Every 30 Seconds.”

  1. Robyn says:

    Oh, goodness. Yes, this is my daily yoga practice. I'm getting better and better at drowning out the 2-year-old running around me in circles yelling, but I was really hoping that by age 6 (or 3, better), he would be past the interruptions and happily entertaining himself as I do a luscious 90-minute practice.

  2. Well, by age 6, you have the school day most days 🙂 Sometimes he does entertain himself….other days…not so much!