February 7, 2013

A Letter to the World. ~ Lydia Nikolao Schmidt

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Nothing you have done in your past matters in the way that we all think it does.

Time is not a linear line beginning at one end, building on each moment, and ending at another. Nor does it need to be perceived that way.

We would all do well to think more often about nothing. Nothingness is the fertile ground from which we continue to spring.

Don’t be worried about your purpose.

You serve it now and will continue to serve it as you develop further. Be open with the world and invite opportunities and possibilities to your door by focusing on the positive and the wealth you already have.

Life is short and love is abound.

Take it, give it, receive it, break it, hug it, commit it, discover it, live it.

There is no ‘one’ for any. There are many circumstances and many who will fill the shoes to walk each connecting path. Each will walk with you, ahead of you, behind you, hand-in-hand with you and each will leave you.

Do not be afraid to walk alone, or you will find yourself walking the path of others’ more than you will walk your own. And do not be afraid to walk with others for fear that they will choose another path before you are ready. When it is over, it is always the right time.

Learn your lessons.

Life will throw them at you until you stop to understand what it is you need to know about yourself. Then you must take the steps to change.

When you have to ask yourself why this keeps happening to you, it’s time to transform.

It will be the most beautiful moment when you realize you can change. It is our most precious gift.

Connect with God, Krishna, Allah, Yahweh, the Universe, Gaia or any of the names that connote a higher energy.

Religion is a preferred method of connecting to that energy within a selective community. It is not right and it is not wrong. You can choose to be a part of a community or you may choose your own spiritual rituals.  Do not be afraid to accept all or just one, but be considerate of others and understand there is space for all methods of connection.

It is not important in what way you connect, it is only important that you plug in to that which supports and expands you.

Be grateful.

For what you have and for what you do not. Give thanks to those around you, for they support you, even those who seemingly do harm.

We are all here to learn and to grow, individually and collectively. It is a waste to live like a victim. It only means you have not yet seized the opportunity for transformation the given circumstance has awarded you.

When you can be grateful for both the happiness and the opportunities for change, you will find much more to be grateful for.

Befriend pain.

Hurt and uncomfortableness are a part of all of our paths. It is yet another gift of this experience. When we develop fear around pain, we stop growing.

Never underestimate your ability to withstand even the harshest circumstances.

Take time between the tears to consider the absolute acuteness of your discomfort measured within the limitless universe. You will survive and be again in joy and peace. Be like a warrior ready for battle when the pain returns, be steady as the beating drum.

We are all a product of our thoughts and feelings.

Choose to think positively and choose to feel happy and joyous. Accept those times when negativity takes over. Allow yourself time to be unhappy. But always choose to return to happiness.

Our ability to be peaceful and satisfied lies within us. When we are able to align our thoughts, feelings, and our actions in positivity and gratefulness, our circumstances begin to shift in a favorable manner. It does not work the other way around.

Embrace the light and the dark.

One does not exist so that the other may thrive, but they depend upon each other. The world is not black or white or gray area. Live the word ‘And’.  Life is not good or bad, it’s both good and bad, it is light and dark, it is joy and pain, it is sweet and sour, it is stable and shifting. Be both, and.

Seek life outside of your community, outside of the society in which you’ve landed this time around. Do not accept their labels.

Question everything, even this.

It is not our purpose to be bound by the limits of others.

You will always find support when you decide to branch beyond what is known and acceptable by others. Having an identity is only as important as you allow it be.

Treat others as another you.

That man on the street is you, without money or a home to go to. The mother with a crying child is you with little sleep and supreme exhaustion. The man who shot those kids is you, alone, confused and suicidal. See yourself in others, for in the end we are all one, connected by the fragile fibers of mere existence.

Be light on judgment, for it is you you are judging.

Learn to live your own life, to write your own rules and to take 100% responsibility for everything you attract or detract from your reality.

As far as we all know for sure, this is our one shot to make it amazing.

I wish you all the expansion of the universe, all the love you need to be comfortable, all the discomfort you need to change and all the ability to transform and connect.



Lydia Nikolao Schmidt is a writer who is working on opening her third chakra.  She dabbles in poetry, art, and everything spiritual.  She is currently earning her certificate in Holistic Health Coaching.




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