March 1, 2013

Food Fight: Homicidal Maniacs or Misguided Fools?

When a meeting of all the CEO’s of the world food giants, which occurred in Pillsbury HQ on April 1999, failed to reach an agreement to take responsibility for the obesity epidemic, it led to a massacre.

It is difficult to pin an exact number on this scenario, because the numbers are increasing at a disturbing rate each year, but a lot of estimates put the yearly death toll of obesity related diseases at over 300,000 per year in the United States alone.

That’s more than die in conflicts each year.

After so many years, that means big food giants have indirectly killed about as many civilians as was killed in the second world war.

Statistically, death directly from marijuana overdose is extremely rare; poor eating and lack of exercise is killing more people per year than alcohol abuse.

Whether those profit driven group of CEO’s, who paid for umpteen research projects to understand the addictive qualities of fats and sugar, are to blame is academic right now.

This video, which highlights the danger of processed food, drinks and sweets, is an opportunity for us to do something about it right now;  let’s make it viral.

Once we become aware of the killers lining the shopping aisles, the atrocity being peddled on your television screens, protecting ourselves becomes an imperative as the politicians clearly cannot.

Will you sit by and do nothing?



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Ed: Bryonie Wise


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