February 3, 2013

The Next Revolution: Passive Resistance.


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People that study climate change, income inequality and all the other challenges we face are beginning to get on my nerves now, not because what they say is wrong, but because we don’t need telling anymore.

Scientists and academics would serve us better by researching the answers and it would be better if movie makers made movies about the next peaceful revolution with definitive solutions about how to change the human situation.

The next revolutionaries will not be fighting in the streets or hurling Molotov cocktails at the Houses of Parliament or the White House.

No, they will be banding together in small communities and getting engaged in passive resistance. Refusing to pay taxes, stopping paying credit card bills and mortgages, forgetting about poll tax, (basically a tax to live), stopping support of all the systems such as the monetary and economic systems that enslave them.

Not working at jobs they hate, just to pay for a roof over their head. Instead, they will start learning to really live. Following their own purpose in life and living it with passion whilst growing vegetables in the streets.

We don’t need politicians to give us permission to create an environmentally friendly, socially-just and fulfilling world in which to live.

In fact, if that’s what we want, we had better not listen or support them because their position and status is in complete opposition to those aims.

If we took out the monetary system, then that would solve the majority of the rest of the challenges. Doctors would still want to be doctors, engineers would still build bridges, but now artists could paint and dancers dance for no other reason than that is what they are inspired to do.

We will however have to tackle the biggest limitation to transformation, fear and the paralysis it engenders…



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