March 26, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 3.25.

We are all in a time of transition.

With three planets (Mars, Sun and Venus) now in Pisces, and soon Mercury and the passage of Moon as well, we are coming to the close of a cycle. This week, Mars, Sun and Venus each move to Revati nakshatra, symbolizing the safe journey, the pathway forward. Once these planets make it across the threshold into Aries safely, we will be feeling a sense of change, power and forward momentum. For now, the next few weeks are very delicate, vulnerable and need to be treated as such. Be gentle with your self and others, as we are all going through huge changes—a re-birth/renewal planetarily is occurring. Look for an article coming later this week with more details.

Full moon in Virgo on 3.27 at 4:27 a.m. in Hasta nakshatra.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your moon and sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity.

Aries: In this time of transition as three planets move through your 12th house of loss, moksha, endings, and into your 1st house of body, health and strength, you may be feeling the changes in multiple areas of your life. In some ways, this transition is hardest for you Aries because of who you are and how these planets are situated for you. Expect some soul shredding in the next few weeks. Be careful with relationships, cars and transportation, health and children. Take extra time for rest and meditation; go on retreat if possible. Do not be swayed by negativity.

Taurus: It may feel like things are sliding backwards right now. Be mindful of your enemies, friendships and losses. Money may be coming in, but don’t overspend. Some insights may be coming to you from hidden realms. Are you looking? Are you open to receive this information? Pay attention. Look to your discomfort for clues. Alone time is essential right now.

Gemini: Your mind can still work in your favor, but only if you quiet the storm first. Meditation is essential, but also yoga and moving meditations are ideal to keep the mind and body working cohesively. Your career and dharma have a lot of emphasis right now. This week focus your efforts on action steps and mini goal setting. Make lists and check things off. Don’t get overtaken by the storms.

Cancer: Your mind is already on vacation. Have you planned your trip or set aside time to rest at the ashram yet? Your heart, home, mother and land are bringing storm clouds. What will it take to quiet the storm? Life feels uncertain, but the only constant is you. Put your self and your spiritual pursuits first and let the other pieces fall into place.

Leo: Epic transformations are happening for you, Leo. Your spiritual and dharmic existence is finding a new channel. You may be feeling extra vulnerable right now. It is time for a re-boot on every level, so make sure you are finding time for quiet meditation and restorative practices. Relationships may be stirring your mind, but be courageous with these storms. The only way out is through and the only way through is within.

Virgo: Relationships are your primary focus right now. You are feeling the discomfort growing. Be vigilant with your health and note that issues with health are rooted in the mental body. Moving the energy out of your head is essential right now. Calming the storm with physical activity, pranayama and increased breath is essential. Be pro-active about life right now. Take an action step towards a necessary change. Move it.

Libra: Be vigilant with your health, and take care of your mother and father, mental faculties and children. Be aware of debts, legal issues and the like. Don’t get your self into trouble! Careful of losses and over-spending. Be careful with relationships—both personal and business. Don’t be reckless. Spend time at home and working on your home. Dig in the dirt.

Scorpio: Your intelligence is working on all cylinders right now and helping you pursue your Dharmic endeavors. There may be gains, but be mindful of spending at the same time. Continue to cut out the pieces of your life that aren’t working for you and be mindful of where you put your energy and how you use your resources. Get out of your head and into your body.

Sagittarius: Home and heart as well as mother and land are big resources for you currently. There may be confusion in relationships and career. Be mindful of friendships but don’t let them pull you off track. Take necessary alone time. Meditate and retreat are ideal. Watch your digestion and avoid heavy foods.

Capricorn: You are using your bravery and courage right now (a personal favorite default mode?!) and probably pushing too hard Capricorn. Your mind is on overdrive and it’s bringing an unsettled, uncomfortable feeling into your life. With career and dharma feeling tempestuous, go for the constants. Right now, art rules. Star to use your creative force as a life changing tool. This might be your missing piece.

Aquarius: Finding comfort right now feels essential. Who, what, where are the questions to ask. Find the scraps of memories, dreams and visions that keep coming back, the ones that soothe your heart. What are the longings that need to be fulfilled? There may be issues with teachers, father and wisdom right now. Sort these scraps too. What truths remain? These are the essential ingredients for your dharma. Right now: Satyameva Jayate is your mantra.

Pisces: Pisces, you are feeling the cosmic transformations first hand as Mars, Venus and Sun sit in your first house right now. This passage into Aries which symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle is being felt on a primal level for you. Storms are happening in your eighth house of vulnerability. Watch for debts and losses. Endings are inevitable right now, but will bring a fresh start. Right now, weather the storm with meditation and alone time.


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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