We Still Our Minds so We Can Move Forward. ~ Sarah Anne Stewart

I wrote goals and affirmations, sketched pictures, snapped photos and pasted dozens of magazine pictures onto huge, intricately color-coded collages.

My vision of the future had to be precise, and represent all the things I was determined to attract.

How else would I get from here to there, and attract everything I desired to experience in this journey of life?

Dozens of mainstream media writers and authors focus on this global phenomenon: the belief that thoughts become things, and only through thinking of what we want can we attract it into our lives.

I agree, but disagree.

Let me explain.

On average, we think 60,000 thoughts a day; this in and of itself can pose some serious challenges.

Unless you are the Dali Lama, being mindful of every thought is near impossible.

That’s where meditation comes in. To manifest effortlessly, you actually have to stop thinking.

Before learning meditation, I did seem to manifest things, but not effortlessly. There were bumps in the process and the results were less specific than I imagined. I manifested with huge delays in time, or after completely forgetting something tucked under dozens of other images at the back of my vision board.

About a year and a half ago, I started practicing meditation every day. Through my daily meditations, I have manifested things into my life faster and easier than ever before.

I am sure you’re thinking, “Maybe you just had a lot of good karma that came your way?” I believe it is much more than that.

For those precious minutes every day, you are free.

Meditation connects us to source—the universal power that we are all connected to.

All those images you desire are no longer necessary for happiness. When we are connected to Source, we are experiencing all that was, is, and will be. You create a place of detachment from all earthly and material things. In this place there is no need.

Whether we feel gratitude or attachment, it will ultimately affect our ability to manifest.

When you are attached to something, you fear its loss. As a result, you push it away. Meditation removes the fear, shifting you back to a place of love and gratitude.

It’s difficult to have gratitude for things we don’t yet have.

Meditation gets us there without the obstacles of our own thought patterns. There is no battle with who-what-where-when-or-how it will happen. We are free of worries and fear-based thoughts.

When we are in a feeling of need or I have to have, we are sending a vibration to the universe, which responds with more need. As your mind tries to determine how your desires will manifest, it also pushes them farther and farther away. You are sending a message that your desires do not exist, and from this place of lacking, you cannot attract what you want.

It is much easier to have a still, quiet mind, than to have pure, positive thoughts every second. In this stillness we also experience satisfaction, gratitude, and appreciation without doing, thinking, or having anything.

Meditation also offers a sense of peace with everything and everyone that opposes you so you can come into alignment with the solutions to your desires. And more importantly, all those images you desire are no longer necessary for happiness.

From this place of gratitude, you are now sending the vibration that everything you need already exists in your life. Out of this feeling of pure gratitude, our lives can be manifested.

The practice of meditation, most importantly, helps train the mind to be in the present moment, leaving no need to control our 60,000 thoughts a day.

When you are in the present moment, your goals, dreams, and desires can manifest because you are no longer thinking about them. Instead, you are only thinking about what is in front of you at that very moment.

The essence of manifesting your desires through meditation can be summed up in a quote from the teachings of Ester Hick’s,

“[w]hen you quiet your mind you stop thought; when you stop thought you stop resistance; when you stop resistance you are in a state of allowing.”

~ Esther Hicks

So yes, focus on what you want. Cut images out of magazines, then put them away, and let daily meditation connect and align you to Source to actually bring the things you want into your life. When your dreams become a reality, remember to bless everything you attract with gratitude.



Sarah Anne Stewart: Holistic health coach, writer, world traveler, free spirit & lover of life. Founder of Introducing Wellness LLC, Sarah Anne passionately invites others to experience a new-found “love for life” and WELLNESS through holistic healing. Find her here: Introducing WellnessTwitter and on Instagram



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Dick W Dec 12, 2014 10:24am

Cease thought and contemplate.

subhash Apr 2, 2013 12:49pm

nice and thought provoking article

RAS Mar 29, 2013 9:57am

The point is not to stop thought. The point is to stop the compulsive reactivity to thought. The point is to become the observer and not the participant. The moment there's a goal or an ambition (eg, to stop thought) our meditation practice is already going astray.

There's a saying in Zen that points the way to correct practice: "Do not fear the arising of thoughts — only be concerned that your awareness of them be tardy."

Or as Hui-Neng, the Sixth Zen Patriarch, put it:

"When you hear me speak about the void, do not fall into the idea that I mean vacuity. It is of the utmost importance that we should not fall into that idea, because then when one sits quietly and keeps the mind blank one would be abiding in a state of “voidness of indifference.” The illimitable void of the Universe is capable of holding myriads of things of various shapes and form, such as the sun and the moon, and the stars, worlds, mountains, rivers, rivulets, springs, woods, bushes, good men, bad men, laws pertaining to goodness and to badness, heavenly planes and hells, great oceans and all the mountains of Mahameru. Space takes in all of these and so does the voidness of our nature. When we see the goodness or badness of people, and are not attracted by it, nor repulsed by it, nor attached to it, then the attitude of our mind is as void as space. In that, we see the greatness of our minds….."

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